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Mailbag 1/25

What is the point of the ACC just not releasing the schedule?

2023 ACC Championship - Louisville v Florida State Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images

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Ed. Note: Including these two together since they both touch on the same topic.

holvey1234: I was wondering if the defensive staff is complete? Two were officially moved to “off field rolls” (Thacker S and Tillman CB). Then we hired 3 (Santucci DC/LB, Pope DE/OLB, and Simpson DL). That leaves 2 more current staff members in limbo (Coleman DL and Sherrer DC/LB) as well as still at least one vacancy in the secondary.

Submitted via email: I have not seen any articles on Marco Coleman’s role after the latest set of new coach hires.

Ben: With how everything has unfolded, I am assuming that Kevin Sherrer and Marco Coleman will not be members of the 10-member assistant coaching staff this season. It remains to be seen if they will serve in another role, but that seems less likely in my opinion than trying to find another position elsewhere. If that is the case, Georgia Tech has one assistant coaching vacancy remaining for the secondary.

tyler_pifer92: What is the point of the ACC just not releasing the schedule? The way they’re doing it is dumb.

Ben: Because you have to build suspense and create engagement. Is it dumb? Yes!

Logan: It’s all about getting more views on more days.

tyler_pifer92: Now that the schedule has been released:

(n) Florida State L 0-1 (0-1)

vs Georgia State W 1-1

@ Syracuse W 2-1 (1-1)

vs VMI W 3-1

@ Louisville L 3-2 (1-2)

vs Duke W 4-2 (2-2)

@ North Carolina W 5-2 (3-2)

(n) Notre Dame L 5-3

@ Virginia Tech W 6-3 (4-2)

vs Miami W 7-3 (5-2)

vs NC State W 8-3 (6-2)

@ Georgia L 8-4

What are y’all’s thoughts on this and your early prediction now that the rosters are more or less set?

Ben: I don’t know that I’m ready to make season predictions yet, but my expectations are at 7 wins. Brent Key already showed that he can get to a bowl game. Now, he needs to show improvement.

Logan: There are so many trap games on this schedule, especially given our performance against “easy wins” last year. I have an expectation to win at least 6 and make another bowl game, but I fully expect this one to be another bumpy season with some unexpected wins and losses.

Jack: I totally track with you on this prediction. I have to include some ACC chaos in this, which means we lose one of NC State, Miami, or VT, bringing it down to 7-5. I totally understand how Georgia State can be a trap game, but I’m not that concerned about that. It’ll be early season, we’ll have some reps under our belt against a high quality opponent, and there might be some extra vigor in being the winner of Atlanta’s teams.

TkTheGoat: Can you see Mahomes ever passing Brady? This may sound like a dumb question on the surface but if you think about it, Mahomes has 2 rings pretty much single-handedly. He has Kelce but who else? The Chiefs receivers have the second most drops in the league, and they just haven’t looked like the same team from back in the days with Tyreek. And yet, Mahomes finds himself in the AFC championship again. So yeah, does Mahomes pass Brady in all time Goat status (Criterea: Yards, TDs, Rings, Playoff wins, MVPs etc.)

Logan: It is difficult to imagine anyone passing Brady given the heights he achieved in football, but if anyone can do it Mahomes would be the one. I never feel like Kansas City is is in a game they can’t win with Mahomes. I wouldn’t be shocked if he beats the Ravens this week and goes onto the Superbowl. He has a long way to go, but I think Mahomes has the potential to achieve the same kind of greatness that Brady achieved.

Jack: Absolutely a valid question. Obviously, Mahomes is going to need to win many more Super Bowls, plain and simple. Same as many of those Patriots teams, KC has has great defenses as well. Can’t win anything in the NFL without a semblance of defense. Critically, somehow KC started looking like their usual selves in that Buffalo game last week. If they play like that, they’ll be alright at least this season. That’s a big if.

jabsterjacket: Is Belichick going to the Falcons? If not, who?

Ben: I don’t follow the NFL much anymore, but it seems like Belichick is just past his prime and probably wouldn’t be successful with the Falcons either. I saw last night that they interviewed Mike Vrabel, and I hope his name starts popping up more. He would probably be a good hire.

Logan: Current rumors seem to indicate Bill Belichick and the Falcons have drifted apart in terms of negotiations, not sure why but that’s what I’ve heard from sports media. Not sure if Vrabel would want the job given the other options on the market, but he would be a prime candidate if the Falcons could get him.

jabsterjacket: Will Sports Illustrated survive? More specifically, will Sports Illustrated’s Tech coverage survive? I’ve had people point me to the Athletic, but Tech is not one of the college teams they follow.

Ben: I was also curious about this, and I still don’t know the answer. To my knowledge, Jackson (the guy who runs SI’s Georgia Tech site) has not posted anything about the layoffs, so I have no way of knowing.

Jack: I’m not sure. I have reached out to Jackson and know that the Fan Nation portion of SI is sticking around, and therefore Jackson’s coverage. The generic idea of SI though? Man it’s gonna be tough.

Submitted via email: Hey guys,

Hope things are treating you well. I’m not doing fantastic, but I like to think I’m doing better than the men’s basketball team right now.

I have 2 questions this week.

1) with the current slump the team seems to be in, what do you feel is the first thing the men’s basketball team needs to focus on improving?

2) with the football schedule now being released, what 3 game stretch are you most concerned about?

Let me know your thoughts. Have a good rest of your week.

-Some guy

Ben: I’ll leave the MBB question to people more in the know and focus on the second question. I don’t know that the stretch I’m most concerned about is 3 games. It’s 2. Specifically, it’s the first 2. Georgia Tech heads to Ireland to likely get beat by Florida State and then has to turn around on a short week and play against an improving Georgia State team. That has trap game written all over it, and if GSU wins, I don’t know that we’ll ever hear the end of it.

Logan: I’m not a basketball expert, so I could be wrong on this. Looking at the box scores from the games we’ve lost it seems like we have either an over-reliance on 3 point shooting, or we just take bad shots from distance. We only take a few more 3 point shots than opposing teams in losses, but our percentages seem to be much lower. Not sure how to fix that strategically, but probably need to evaluate when 3 pointers are being taken and consider

3 game stretch that worries me the most... I think it would be Louisville, Duke, and UNC. Expectations for the start of the season are going to be starting 3-1 (potentially 2-2 if we trip against Ga State). Louisville, Duke, and UNC are where we get into the meat of the schedule; while I don’t think any of those teams are unbeatable, if we lose all 3 of those games or even lose 2 of the games badly then it will ruin our mindset going into what should be a very tough 5 game slate to end the season. Also, I really want us to beat UNC now that Collins is there; losing to him... well I don’t want to think about his chirping. We need to take 2 games from the Louisville, Duke, and UNC if we are going to end the season with better than a 6-6 record.