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Georgia Tech Basketball Signs 2 Commits

Jaedan Mustaf and Cole Kirouac Sign With GT

NBA: Houston Rockets at Boston Celtics Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

This September Georgia Tech basketball and coach Damon Stoudamire have gotten two 2024 commits. The first to commit was Overtime Elite guard Jaedan Mustaf. This is absolutely huge for Georgia Tech. Jaedan is the #39 recruit in the country according to 247 and is probably the highest ranking Tech commit in years.

Mustaf is a 6’4” combo guard who will fit a lot of Stoudamire probably wants to do. Coming the NBA Stoudamire is probably looking for multiple ball handlers and versatile defenders and Mustaf is definitely that. His size with a good frame, good wingspan, and great athleticism should make him a very good defender at the college level who can guard up and down the lineup and switch on the perimeter. Offensively he is a good ball handler who can get to the rim and has the skill and athleticism to finish. He isn’t much of a shooter right now and he needs to keep working on his flow in the offense, but overall I think he’s a good fit on both offense and defense. He’s used to playing better competition than most recruits so hopefully he can make a quicker transition.

One thing to take note of is that Mustaf plays at Overtime Elite, a league for top High School players which has its home in Atlantic Station just north of campus. As soon as Overtime Elite started a few years ago I thought that it might help GT recruiting. If you are enjoying your time at Overtime Elite, why not head just down the street for your college career? Overtime Elite is starting to put out a good amount of recruits and the Jackets should have a leg up on getting these guys.

Mustaf picked Georgia Tech over a litany of other teams including Indiana, North Carolina State, and most impressively Maryland where his dad Jerrod was a star player before playing 4 years in the NBA with the Knicks and Suns.

Following the commit of Mustaf was center Cole Kirouac. The Cumming native announced his commitment on September 19th. The first thing you notice about Cole is his size. At 6’11 he’s listed at just 190 pounds and he looks it. He is skinny. He should put on some weight, but don’t expect him to be a bruiser down low. Stoudamire says he envisions Cole playing like NBA player Luke Kornet who played for the Celtics when Damon was an assistant there. I expect Kirouac to be a contributor on defense early in his career as a guy who can potentially block some shots inside, but also get out on the perimeter and switch on screens. Offensively he is working on developing a shot and he does have some moves inside, but playing against guys his own size week in and week out will be tough. I don’t expect him to be an immediate contributor, but front court depth is low right now so if he comes in better than I expect he could get play time early.

For the Falcons fans among us his grandfather was an NFL offensive lineman and kicker (which was back in the day when players did that) including for the Falcons for the 1966 and 1967 seasons.