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Georgia Tech Football: Snarky Preview - Wake Forest

An ACC Special (TM) in a couple different ways

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Mississippi Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

Join us on Saturday afternoon for Tech’s second ACC game of the season against another of our alma mater’s new alleged blood rivals, Wake Forest. It’s yet another bizarre permanent “rivalry” instituted by our dear conference, but unlike Louisville, at least there’s something resembling a football history between our teams. (That’s a nicer way to say we’ve played more than twice before.) And who knows if any of the current permanent rivalries will survive into next year, so we might as well enjoy this blood feud while it lasts.

Wake Forest—whom we’ll forgive for not being located anywhere near the actual town of Wake Forest, NC, because I have to forgive them or that nonsensical fact will make me scream—was one of the ACC’s founding members, though their history with Tech long predates that. The two teams played four times from 1917-1921, and Wake scored a grand total of zero points in those four games, laying the groundwork for what would be a long history of... um... playing football. Allegedly, anyway.

All told, Wake has two 10-win seasons in the program’s entire 100+ year history. Lest we poke too much fun at them, one was the year they beat Tech in the most thoroughly ACC title game of all time. The other was, of course, this past season, when they became the last Atlantic Division champions ever in a victory for everyone who was/is sick of the endless FSU/Clemson bluster that has come to dominate the ACC’s national media narrative. But it’d be a remarkable story if they managed to pull it off again this year.

This game will be an important one for Tech in the quest to get back to bowl eligibility. The same is true for Wake, which enters with a 3-0 record but having only played a slate of mediocre to bad teams. So even though there isn’t a ton of meaningful history between these two teams, this game could end up getting heated simply because both teams have something to prove early in the season.

And while the fans are probably encouraged by the ACC office to find reasons to hate each other, it’s easier for us to come together on a few points. After all, Wake and Tech share one important distinction: both schools have have more ACC title game victories than Miami.

So say we all.