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ACC Power Rankings - Week 2

The ACC flexes against the SEC but a potential dark horse falls.

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Miami Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

The first week of the season gives us a glimpse of how each team may fare this season, but week two gives us more points of correlation. And after two weeks of play I can safely say the ACC is better than the SEC. Who can argue against a 4-1 record in favor of the ACC? I would suggest the ACC expand further by adding Alabama so they can improve their schedule in conference play, but I’m not sure if there is room for a team who can’t beat a middling Big 12 team.

The conference posted two of the four wins over the SEC this weekend with Miami beating Texas A&M and Wake Forest taking down perennial power (in baseball) Vanderbilt. Miami and A&M decided the game last year was too boring with little scoring, so they swapped things up this year and left their defenses at home. Each quarter had more combined points than the total points scored in last year's matchup.

The one foe the ACC has failed to overcome is its contracted matchup with Notre Dame. NC State was the lucky draw this week and while the score was close at times this was never in doubt for the Fighting Irish. That extends Notre Dame’s ACC win streak to 10.

Other notable matchups saw UNC nearly clinch their Mack Brown Special by narrowly escaping in 2OT. Virginia Tech lost to Purdue after being tied at halftime but then had to wait out the great flood for several hours. Virginia suffered their own weather delayed defeat to James Madison though they made a valiant effort to attempt a comeback late in the game. I am theorizing that the weather across the early eastern kicks was a conspiracy to force us to watch Colorado and Nebraska. Also known as the Jeff Sims Turnover Show.

Save the black eye of Pitt losing to Cincinnati at home the rest of the conference handled its business. Though Boston College tried its hardest to ensure an 0-12 record this year by only edging out Holy Cross 31-28.

Power Rankings

Last Week's Rankings:

  1. Florida State
  2. North Carolina
  3. Duke
  4. Pittsburgh
  5. Louisville
  6. Miami
  7. Syracuse
  8. Wake Forest
  9. North Carolina State
  10. Georgia Tech
  11. Clemson
  12. Virginia Tech
  13. Virginia
  14. Boston College

Week 2 Rankings

  1. Florida State - The Seminoles didn’t have any one player stand out this game because everyone who touched the ball got to stand out. The starters played sparingly as they rolled Southern Miss to a 66-13 final. They travel to Boston College next week where the score could get just as ugly.
  2. Miami - After nearly two decades will the ACC finally get its wish of an FSU-Miami title match? That might be getting ahead of ourselves but the offense looks to be on the right track with QB Tyler Van Dyke tossing 5 touchdowns. Special Teams gave an assist with Brashard Smith adding a 98-yard kickoff return. Defense allowed 433 total yards but kept the damage limited by forcing three turnovers.
  3. North Carolina - It was a close call for the Tar Heels who can’t feel too great about their defense once again. Things looked up after week one but that may have been more an indictment of South Carolina’s offense. App State is no slouch so it's still a quality win and they remain one of the more dangerous teams in the conference.
  4. Duke - LaFayette could have been a letdown game for Duke after the high of upsetting Clemson, but the Blue Devils took care of business and will cruise into a week 3 matchup with Northwestern. Mike Elko surprised many in his first season with 9 wins and things appear on track for another solid season.
  5. Louisville - After giving up 35 points to Georgia Tech in week one the Cardinals shut out FCS Murray State at home and allowed only 166 yards. Oh, and they put 690 yards of their own. Jeff Brohm has this offense cooking and shouldn’t face any stout defense until midseason.
  6. Wake Forest - The pride of the SEC was taken down in the home of the Demon Deacons 36-20. In a battle of matching unis, Wake Forest took the lead behind a 165-yard day on the ground by RB Demond Claiborne. Vanderbilt’s AJ Swann posted a nice total of 314 yards passing with three touchdowns, but he tossed two picks as well.
  7. Syracuse - Syracuse only holds on to this spot because their record is 2-0. Not that they have been in danger of losing a game but because their schedule has consisted of a brand of toothpaste (Colgate) and Western Michigan. The Orange do take on Purdue next week with a chance to avenge their ACC brethren Virginia Tech.
  8. Pittsburgh - Don’t worry Pitt, you're probably not as bad as eight in the conference but for now you have something none of the previous stated team have, a loss. Cincinnati may have a new coaching staff, but they are still the class of the G5 a decent Big 12 program. Coach Narduzzi may want to figure out his run defense before the Panthers get into ACC play.
  9. Georgia Tech - Some things people take for granted like going into an FCS game without breaking a sweat. That is something Yellow Jacket fans haven't done since Geoff Collins scarred the fanbase with a loss to Citadel back in 2019. This week was different as Georgia Tech got off to an early lead and never looked back. South Carolina State might be one of the lower FCS programs this year, but it still counts towards that elusive bowl berth.
  10. North Carolina State - The Wolfpack got lit up by the Fighting Irish offense and turnovers were an issue as well. It hasn’t been a great start to the season, but they now have the toughest game out of the way. VMI will help them smooth things over. If they can get the offense consistent, they should get back to the top half of the conference.
  11. Clemson - Clearly, I’m just trolling the Tigers at this point. Or maybe they haven't shown anything to redeem themselves from their week one thumping by Duke. A 66-17 win is certainly a nice blowout over Charleston Southern. Except this was still a game at halftime and the reason for that were dumb mistakes and turnovers by Clemson. Better take advantage of FAU next week because FSU the following won’t be pretty.
  12. Virginia Tech - The Hokies got a win over Old Dominion in week one and thank goodness because there will probably be few from here on out. Purdue dropped the Hokies 24-17 after an extensive weather delay. The disparity in total yardage though was 427 to 286 in favor of Purdue. The offense hasn’t been good for the Hokies and Rutgers won’t be a sure thing next week.
  13. Virginia - Virginia’s week one loss to Tennessee is excusable because of the talent gap between the two. The loss to James Madison was a tough fought one but still highlighted the holes the defense. Virginia won’t see their FCS opponent until week six and may go into the contest 0-5.
  14. Boston College - Why are the Eagles ranked below the only 0-2 team in the conference? Well, they barely beat Holy Cross 31-28 and the Northern Illinois team that beat them last week lost to...Southern Illinois this week. The close game might be good for an entertaining watch by a neutral fan, but it is only concerning for the Boston College faithful.