Clean, Old Fashioned 30 point loss

November 26, 2016


Georgia Tech Defeats Georgia in Athens

0-5 vs. Georgia ever since

Combined score of all those games was 217-49 in favor of UGA


Something very sad is happening and not just in this rivalry. Rivalries like Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt, and Kansas vs Kansas State are turning into beatdowns annually. Last November’s addition of Clean, Old Fashioned Hate showed that the Jackets can still run with the dawgs… for 2 quarters. These rivalries used to mean something to all college fans in the state or area that the game is in. Nowadays, Georgia uses Tech as a final taste of sweet, disgusting victory in their always bitter dawg mouths. It makes Tech fans like me restless. Do you see Tech beating them in the next 5 years? I can’t really see that as a possibility. I have a sneaky suspicion that Georgia will be on the decline these next couple years, if only they got a hard schedule they may be back to going 8-4 instead of 15-0. Tech may squeak one out in the next 7 or so years but it will take a LOT. Brent Key has shown the urgency he has to beat Georgia as he said in a press conference after he was signed as official head coach "we will work 365 days a year to beat them" Search "Brent Key talks about beating UGA and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Tech has a golden opportunity to make a much needed improvement to the program. All it takes is 3 winning seasons and you can carry on for a while. Stay at 6+ wins per year and then think about beating Georgia.

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