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Scions E173: Women in Basketball with AJC’s Ken Sugiura, Georgia Tech Comprehensive Campus Plan

Where might the newest Georgia Tech stadium go and how new space could get used

Nell Fortner and her bench during vs. Wake Forest. During her time with the Indiana Fever, she would consult with NBA coaches on strategy.
Danny Karnik - GTAA

We take the first half of the episode to talk with AJC sports columnist, Ken Sugiura, about his article on Brittni Donaldson and the greater state of women in key basketball front office and coaching positions, along with how Nell Fortner potentially entered the men’s basketball world.

Then, Jack, Jake, and Akshay talk about the Georgia Tech Comprehensive Campus Plan (38:15), the best roadmap we currently have to talk about the future of what campus will look like, how it will be used, and how athletics will be involved. Topics discussed include on campus mobility, new rec spaces, a potential new soccer stadium, and ecology. If you’d like to watch the town hall meeting where the current iteration of the plan was presented in March, that can be seen here.

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Hosts: Jack Purdy, Jake Grant, Akshay Easwaran

Guest: Ken Sugiura

Production magic: Jack Purdy

Music: Georgia Tech Glee Club, Georgia Tech Marching Band