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Mailbag 6/1

What’s your favorite Western?

Blazing Saddles Photo by LMPC via Getty Images

DressHerInWhiteAndGold: Favorite Westerns? Mine…Sons of Katie ElderDances With WolvesBlazing SaddlesWinchester 73The Quick and the DeadI’d like to add Deadwood due to feature quality production….

Ben: Like everyone else, my experience with Westerns is a bit limited. I like western movies as inspiration for movies, though. Star Wars, for instance, has a lot of parts of movies that draw inspiration from Westerns. Jack touches on one of those below.

Jack: I sadly have not really touched this genre at all, so I can give you The Book of Boba Fett episode entitled “From The Desert Comes a Stranger,” which includes a fantastic standoff.

Jake: My experience here is pretty limited, but the Magnificent Seven does have a wonderful overture.

Logan: I haven’t watched much beyond the well known ones. “Magnificent 7” and “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” are my favorites. I love the depth and philosophy behind the setting and characters in Magnificent 7 that carries over from the piece it was based on “Seven Samurai”, big fan of that story. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is the exact opposite. Its nothing but set pieces to see what three terrible (yes, even the good is a terrible person in this movie) people will do to get money. If you’ve seen a Quentin Tarantino film that’s basically what it is just in the Wild West during the Civil War.

Partywaggin: Rankings Wednesday: Please rank the “Top Five Generic Terms Guys Call Each Other”

  • Dude
  • Man
  • Guy
  • Buddy/Bud
  • Brother/Bro/Bruh/Brah

Ben: I’ll say Dude, Man, Bud, Brother et al., Guy. I don’t think I have ever called someone “Guy.”

Jack: Dude, man, guy, bud are all T1. Brah is what one uses when they’re annoyed, so it never can be above the others.

Jake: I honestly would put “inside joke nickname” and “weird short version of a name or surname” as 1A and 1B After that, bud, dude, and man round out my top 5.

Logan: My rankings would be:

  1. Dude: I use dude for pretty much any scenario where there is a dude. The dude doesn’t even have to be a dude, could be a dudette and I would call them a dude.
  2. Man: I really only use this when trying to get across emotion, but it comes out a bit. something like “C’mon Man” or “My Man”
  3. I had to separate to a and b. because I use these about the same with different caveats, 3a is Bro/Brother, but that is mostly because I and my friends are wrestling fans so when we mimic voices we use “brother” way more often. I do use bro, mostly in frustration, but not nearly as often. 3b. would be Guy. I never call a person a guy when face to face with them. I only use the term guy when the person I’m talking about is not around or when I’m talking about a group (“That guy” or “Move it guys”). Rarely do I use guy.
  4. Buddy: I hardly use Bud or Buddy. Not sure why but it feels weird for me to call someone Bud or Buddy... Maybe its because I’m not Canadian. This is in last place by a wide margin.

Partywaggin: What’s our real chances at a golf natty?

Jack: Well I assume this was asked before the results finished yesterday, but it was certainly real! Play that match 10 times, I think it’s fair to say we win at least half of them. Florida would likely say the same. This year’s team was stellar and did not get mentally shaken, especially Steelman after faltering in his final three holes of individual play.

Jake: Well, as of when I write this, zero. To be honest, Florida and Illinois were the two potential matchups that gave me the most hesitation in match play, and things shook out pretty similarly to how one could prognosticate. Either way, this was a really good team, and on their best, they are as good or better than anyone. That said, it wasn’t quite the same as the 2020 edition that never got to compete for the title due to COVID, which is in all likelihood the best Tech team ever assembled to not win a national title - and yes, I realize that’s a bold claim.

Logan: 0% as of this morning... which you probably already know. We had a talented team so I would’ve given us around a 30% to 40% chance before we lost yesterday.

Pkaltman1: Watching the Golf Championship now, obviously I want us to win, but if we had to lose to someone, I think UF is probably the best alternative. I’ve always felt a kindred bond with UF as academically successful southern universities, and then there’s the teams we dislike. Of course we both hate uga (though I still hold we hate them more, that’s splitting hairs), but also fsu, miami, tennessee (I’m still hurt from 2017). Basically just switch Kentucky and LSU with duke and unc and our lists are the same. Are there any other schools you feel a sort of bond with or that you’ll root for when they’re not playing GT?

Ben: Personally, I really enjoy the underdog stories of schools like Tulane and UAB, so—at least in football—I find myself cheering for them.

Jake: Before the 2019 baseball regional, I probably would have said Auburn. However, having not grown up in the south, most of the schools I feel a sort of bond to are up in Big Ten country. That said, having originated out of family ties and since growing somewhat after learning more about their relationship to Kentucky, their city, and their state government, Louisville is probably the other one that comes to mind on that list that we play with somewhat regularity.

Logan: Not exactly sure if this is an answer to your question, but I’ve been a fan of Boise State for a while. They’re good for their level and occasionally punch a bigger team out above their weight class. I’ve met fans and they’re pretty chill, I like the goofy things like the field and the dog which retrieves the kickoff tee that they have. It also helps that they have very rarely, if ever, played GT in the major sports of baseball, basketball, and football. So yeah, Boise State is the team I have 0 affiliation with, but for some reason I enjoy when they are successful.

tyler_pifer92: MILES KELLY IS BACK, BABY!

I’ll be disappointed if we don’t finish in the top half of the ACC. The talent we’ve added is far greater, in my opinion, than the talent that left. What’s the ceiling here?

Jake: This may be an unconventional way to put it, but I think “safe tournament at-large” is a higher ceiling than “ACC Tournament Championship,” simply because it takes getting hot for a few days in March to do the latter and an entire season of success to do the former. I’ll go with the safe at-large, then. I think we’d also all have a lot of fun with that result.

Logan: I like the expectations, but lets pump the breaks a bit. Stoudamire is a good coach, but this is his first year and we are building back from being one of the worst teams in the conference. I expect us to do better, I’m just not sure we should be talking about winning the ACC tournament or being in the NCAA tournament just yet when we haven’t seen anything on the court. I think realistically the ceiling would be we have a record a few games above .500 and we may make a run in the ACC tournament, possibly a NIT bid. Sorry if I sound pessimistic, I’m just not the type to get overly excited before I see some games.

Submitted via email: Hello Everyone,

Hope your having a good week so far. I’m doing well, thanks for asking. Now that we’re within 100 days of college football starting back up, it seems like the perfect time to ask about basketball.

Celtics came so close to making history, but Jimmy Butler and crew had other plans. I’m impressed by Jimmy, he has surprised me all this postseason with his play. I am kind of rooting for both sides now as Butler and Jokic are both great players who are aching to win that championship. Not being a fan of either team I’m excited to see both go head to head in the finals.

So I have 2 questions this week. 1) what game or series stands out in your mind as a match between great players you weren’t a fan of but still got you hyped to watch? 2) who do you have in the NBA finals?

Have a fun rest of your week guys, looking forward to more football articles.

-Polar Bear from the “Soon” memes

P.S. any thoughts on the Ted Lasso finale?

Jack: I will watch just about any NBA game, so it doesn’t take much for me to get excited for a playoff series. I’m a Hawks guy, so excluding those series, I think Golden State vs. Cleveland rounds two and three were fantastic Finals. It was such a perfect mix of talent and storyline that was irresistible to look away from.

I personally have the Nuggets possibly sweeping Miami. This feels incredibly lopsided and I am looking forward to Jokic breaking a ton of Finals records.

Lasso finale felt like a safe way to end it. They didn’t force much of anything, but didn’t bring any real surprises either, which I’m ok with if that’s how we get to the end of this show with a sense of closure.

Jake: I don’t really watch teams or games for a specific player, so I was really struggling how to answer that question; I guess I’ve always felt more bonded to teams. That said, the Valerie Cagle vs. Oklahoma last weekend was great sports watching, and I definitely tuned into USA vs. Japan earlier this spring with extra vigor due to the Trout vs. Ohtani angle.

As for Ted Lasso, my main issue here is a spoiler, and I don’t want to do that, so let’s just say I think, character-wise, it was really well done and my one gripe is a plot point. I’ll miss this show a lot.

Logan: I hear that watching Magic and Bird go against each other used to be a thing of beauty. I haven’t really had that same level of hype for a 1 on 1 in basketball for a while. I guess a lowkey one I enjoyed was in the World Baseball Classic this year where Shohei Ohtani pitched against Mike Trout as the last out of the championship game. That was fun to watch.

For the NBA championship, I am going to go with Denver because its the obvious pick. Denver is the team everyone expects to win, but expectations haven’t stopped the Heat all offseason so who knows what could happen.

Ted Lasso... I liked the ending overall. There’s a bunch of stuff I can nitpick, but it’s always hard to wrap up a show with so many characters in one episode. I thought they may have overdone it with some of the references, there were a few scenes where I was like “would the character really do/act like that after all the things they’ve been through?”, but overall I think it ended where it needed to and gave us a send off with closure for most characters. I will miss watching Ted Lasso.