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Scions E170: Realigning Finances (ft. Tony Altimore)

Talking about higher ed, athletics, and golf.

TIM COWIE/TODD DREXLER, Georgia Tech Athletics

Tony Altimore, USC fan and athletic department strategy consultant, joins Jack, Jake, and Akshay for a discussion on Georgia Tech’s status in the ever-shifting and intertwined worlds of higher ed and college athletics. Then, the gang breaks down the final few events of Georgia Tech’s calendar for 2022-23 — the end of the baseball season, the finale of the NCAA tennis tournaments, NCAA track and field regionals, and Survivor — as all eyes turn to the NCAA men’s golf championship final tomorrow later today (5pm ET, Golf Channel).

Below are graphics Tony made for us while to enhance our discussion about Tech’s finances in the national landscape. You can follow him at @TJAltimore on Twitter for more content in that realm.

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