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Mailbag 5/11

What games can Georgia Tech steal this year under new HC Brent Key?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 26 Georgia Tech at Georgia Photo by Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Bill Brockman: Danny Hall has fired his last two pitching coaches. Will he again?

Ben: I would not be surprised if he does. Borrell has been a very unfortunate disappointment as the pitching coach. I remember when he came in, he was talking about all these advanced metrics like spin rate and other things I had never heard of. It seemed like he could really take the pitching to the next level. Well, things aren’t working out. I don’t follow college baseball enough to really know any names that Tech should look at, but I don’t want this to be an excuse not to look at someone with a heavy focus on advanced metrics. That would be a colossal overreaction.

Jack: Tech pitching has allowed nearly 50 more hits than any other ACC pitching staff, reinforcing the fact that no ACC team has allowed more extra-base hits than Tech (226). Progress has not shown itself throughout the year either. Developing pitching is doable, I just haven’t seen it.

jabsterjacket: ESPN has us favored in only 3 games this fall (although you could argue UVA is a push), yielding 4.5 wins. Is this reasonable or can/should we expect more for next year? What games do we think we can steal?

LOLville: 34%

SCSU: 97%, although we are guaranteed to lose halftime

Ole Miss: 11%

Wake: 25%

Bowling Green: 87%

Candy Canes: 15%

BC: 65%

UNCheat: 26%

UVA: 47%

Lake Barners: 6%

Cuse: 33%

dwags: 4%

Ben: At this point, it’s a total guessing game. Georgia Tech is an entirely different team from last year, and they’re still changing! Just earlier this week they added a new receiver in Dominic Blaylock from UGA. He’s dealt with some injuries, but prior to those, he was a pretty dang good receiver. I’m at a point right now that I could Georgia Tech winning as few as 3 and as many as 8 next year, and I don’t know which 3 or 8.