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Mailbag 3/29

Jerome Tang brought Kansas State to the Elite 8 in Year 1. Can Damon Stoudamire follow that?

Florida Atlantic v Kansas State Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

DressHerInWhiteAndGold: Back to the B10 possibility…

Must take road trips?

Methinks Camp Randall for a jump around, Big House and Lincoln Sea of Red.

Ben: I think the Big House would be the big (pun fully intended) one for me. But really, though, I think a lot of them would make for great road trips.

Jack: Personally, I’ve been wanting to visit Minneapolis, and that should be an easy trip as a Delta hub.

tyler_pifer92: Jerome Tang took over a Kansas State program in worse shape than the program Stoudamire has inherited.

To expect an Elite 8 run next year is probably unrealistic, but what has to happen for us to have a similar turn around so quickly?

Ben: He will need a couple big time transfers. College basketball in general is pretty volatile, so a drastic swing like that isn’t unheard of.

Asa: In the 15 years prior to Tang’s hire, Kansas State had made the NCAA Tournament nine times. Georgia Tech, meanwhile, only made two NCAA Tournament appearances during that same 15-year stretch. This is not a better program than Kansas State. I do recognize that Kansas State was picked to finish last in their conference this year, and I do not want to diminish the exceptional job that Jerome Tang has done there. However, those low expectations arose from the fact that the roster was clouded in uncertainty following the departure of many key players and the arrival of several transfers whose impact on the court could not reliably be predicted. Those transfers turned out to be major contributors and Markquis Nowell blossomed as he was given the entire spotlight in the backcourt.

There is less uncertainty for this Georgia Tech team. Barring several unexpected transfers, the core of this team will remain mostly in tact from the previous season. If this program is to see a major turnaround next season, Stoudamire will have to bring in one or two major contributors from the portal and maximize the talent he inherited.

tyler_pifer92: I keep reading that Javon Franklin is still eligible, but I could have sworn that was false. Does anyone know for sure? Would be huge if he was able to come back.

Ben: Looking at his Georgia Tech bio page, it looks like he is not eligible to come back next year unless I’m missing something. He already took a redshirt season and has used his extra season of eligibility from Covid.

Asa: Unless he can somehow find a 7th year of eligibility, I do not think he will be around for next season.

Anuj Bhyravabhotla (submitted via email): How do we feel about Brandon Gaudin as the new Braves broadcaster now that he’s got a few games under his belt?

Ben: I’ll be frank and say that I haven’t actually watched a game since he took over the role. I’m not a big baseball watcher, especially on TV. That being said, though, I love Brandon Gaudin, and I’m sure he’s doing a wonderful job. In a dream world, Georgia Tech could bring him back.

Jack: I’ve actually liked him in the role! His voice was easy to get acquainted with (I missed his GT days) and he’s a legit Braves fan. It was a win-win from the start for me. I think Braves country will like him, as much as it sucks to no longer have a Carey in the booth. Maybe Chip’s twins will take over for Gaudin down the road.