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Homefield Merch Review

To further stuff your closet with more white and gold (and blue) gear, use code “FTRS” for 15% off

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When you go to Georgia Tech, acquiring free swag often enough is an easy adventure between the various sporting events, clubs, a vendor trying to get all the attention they can during the Tuesday farmers markets, or just making your own shirt in the architecture building. I graduated a little under a year ago and most of my Tech gear is stuff I acquired for free while a student. The only item I ever bought was the white ‘TECH’ sweater with gold lettering from the book store.

Phasing into adult life does force graduates like me who aren’t on campus to acquire loads of free stuff to look at places like Section 103, Homefield, or the Barnes & Noble if one dares. That makes merch drop days likes today a welcome sight. In a sense, they do determine what the fashion sense for Georgia Tech is until the next drop comes. While what gets worn on campus does qualify as the dominant ‘it’ style, the overwhelming majority of Tech alumni aren’t passing through Midtown on a daily basis.

Enter Section 103 and Homefield. Section 103 has been sponsoring our podcast, Scions of the Southland, for the last few months and have served well in the ‘fast fashion’ role in the Georgia Tech merch world. With Homefield, we get a zoomed out roster of items as part of their throwback style, and boy does Tech have plenty of history to dig into that can go on a t-shirt.

Let’s get into it. If you want to buy any of the following items, you can get 15% off using the code “FTRS” at this link.

Today’s merch drop:

The cast of characters

While we go item by item, we’ll play a little game for these called “where would these designs work best in Tech’s uniforms?” because I’m a little too much of a uniform nerd



Ok I could’ve done this in a better order than starting with possibly the item most unlikely to make on a uniform, because a jogger is an item for lounging on the couch and writing merch reviews. We see the interlocking GT logo everywhere as it should be, and recently became the official logo of the Institute, replacing the campanile logo. Moving on...

Women’s Tee

Women’s Tee

Some folks love this old Yellow Jacket logo from the 70’s, and I don’t blame them. It transports you right back to an era of Georgia Tech that while gone, is still talked about by our alumni. If that logo lived in a uniform, I wouldn’t put in front and center like this, but I think could work well on a throwback baseball uni as a little patch on the neck or on the back of the ballcap. Good colors here. Simple. Well done.



This is a baseball script if I’ve ever seen one, and Tech did use this one in the 90’s. While I would prefer to see the script on a white shirt if it’s going to be used on the diamond, the blue works well in a stylistic sense and also to keep heat in during the like 30 or 40 actually cold days in Atlanta. Good Tech hoodies aren’t as easy to come by, and the preferred hoodie style of a certain Georgia Tech head coach doesn’t even have full sleeves!

Long Sleeve

Long sleeve

Alright this is a toughie. I’m trying to think of any uniform the Institute has that spells “Tech” out four separate times, and I’m drawing a blank. Maybe if the swim team ever put “Tech” on the swim caps and the suits they could get to at least three. Buzz of course lives everywhere except the football uniforms. I do appreciate the use of old gold here on the shirt itself. I wore this a couple days ago and it’s very impressive how soft they are.

Basketball Long Sleeve

Basketball long sleeve

A+++! This is so good. The 1990 football shirt usually is quite present around campus, but the basketball team that year does not get enough love. Mascot Buzz with any sports ball fits the character so much. Buzz already is on the back of the basketball jerseys, and I’d love this particular version of him on there as well. The mountains play well not only as a Denver reference, but could even be a dig at how hilly Tech’s campus is.

Classic Youth Tee

Classic youth tee

This “T” logo deserves far more usage than it gets. Our old acquaintance Geoff Collins famously wore the blue hat with the gold T everywhere. Tech doesn’t really do the whole throwback uniform thing all that well in football, but going to this design on the helmet would be amazing if they were to do a throwback. This is also I think the best usage of the old-timey yellow jacket.

Buzz Tee

Buzz tee

As previously established, mascot Buzz with any sports ball should be on all the sports uniforms. Power pose Buzz on the other hand I would not use beyond a t-shirt or academic advertising. OH WAIT I have an idea: every time we have a Tech student on the college episodes of Jeopardy, they should use this Buzz. It even has the appropriate shoes!

Buzz Quarter Zip

Buzz quarter zip

If the golf team needs a shirt during a cold round, this is the one. Sleek, not distracting. Go hit birdies everyone.

And that’s that! Thanks to Homefield for offering up a discount code for all of you reading this, which you can find at the top and bottom of this piece. We’ll surely see some of you in this gear on campus soon!

The new Georgia Tech Homefield merch drop is available NOW on their website. Use code “FTRS” for 15% off at checkout at this link.