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Mailbag 2/23

What are your thoughts on the rule change proposals in college football?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 11 Colorado at USC Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Ed. Note: Apparently this week just isn’t it for me, so mailbag is posting today!

Burdell91: Thoughts on the rule change proposals?

Ben: I don’t like the clock continuing to tick after incomplete passes. I understand wanting to speed the game up, but I think limiting the game management of incomplete passes changes the strategy of it. I don’t have a better fix, but I think it should just be left alone. The other “controversial” one about the clock continuing to run after a first down is something I’m fine with.

DressHerInWhiteAndGold: You’ve got a spare $10 grand for a concert ticket. You abase your wallet to Ticketmaster for:

Ben: It’s this great new band I just heard about called My Mortgage. They’ve got some bangers!

Jack: Live Aid in London.

Jellopacket98: Watching GT men’s basketball close out a game with a lead is like watching (fill in the blank).

Jack: The Falcons playing with any sized lead.

Akshay: The Falcons, period.

Bill Brockman: Any thought on opening weekend baseball? There’s plenty of offense, plus some inability to get out of the 9th. Hard to tell from one team that may not have practiced outside before coming to Atlanta.

Ben: From what I can tell, it’s a lot of the same. There seems to be some promise, but I don’t know how well they will hold up down the stretch.

Akshay: Lineup was really good, but as per usual, their ceiling this year is going to depend on pitching. To that end: I liked what we saw out of Jackson Finley on Saturday, but like you pointed out, the back-end of the bullpen is definitely a weak spot right now.

GTalbatross: Question about the FTRS podcast: does it defeat the purpose of the podcast if a text transcript gets posted to the same article? I usually find myself checking articles during brief breaks in the work day when audio is not available for me. Can we add a transcript?

Jack: In theory, yes, we could. Problem is it would take extensive time to clean up the errors that Zoom transcripts have, so we probably will not be adding transcripts as of now. I definitely like the idea for the future.

thebugman10: This makes me even more angry about Collins.

Ben: I’d give you grief that this isn’t a question, but it gives me an excuse to talk about this video. From this, I just know that all of my concerns about the previous coaching staff are true. They were bad and they made no effort (pun intended) to get any better and just lied to themselves that they were actually good.

GTSMURF: With CBK’s emphasis on toughness this spring and the overall program, I think our intro- and hype- video should be based on this song: Tough Enough by the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

Agree? Share other ideas too.

Ben: This is the only hype video I ever need: