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Mailbag 2/1

What are your initial thoughts on Georgia Tech’s schedule?

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

DressHerInWhiteAndGold: Can I get a redo on Super Bowl since I augered in last week?

Ben: I still don’t have much of an opinion, but since the 49ers lost, I guess go Philly?

Carter: I’m just trying to figure out what kind of Super Bowl ad M&Ms are setting up.

GTalbatross: Anyone else watching Mikaela to see if she can break the world record for World Cup wins? That is a lot of skiing wins!

Jack: If it weren’t on Peacock I would’ve been scheduling my days around it! She’s clearly in a world above Lindsay Vonn, but with half the attention. It’s crazy. Putting the races behind an inconvenient paywall certainly doesn’t help.

GTalbatross: I cannot recall but did we lose the basketball staff position coach that developed our big men?

Jack: Correct. Eric Reveno now coaches in Oregon State. He was the main guy who developed Ben Lammers.

GTalbatross: Any GT apparel updates for the this year?



Carter: Yes, but based on recent trends, it’s going to be limited, so get on it.

Gway79: What are your initial thought of the football schedule?

Ben: I kinda hate the home slate, but I can’t do anything to change that. I’m excited to play Wake Forest, but it’s weird as [Styx] to not see Virginia Tech on the schedule, and I still don’t like it. I’m not ready to make any kind of record prediction, but I think there are three games that will certainly be more difficult than the rest.

Carter: I don’t hate it. The home/away splits are good (not like last year’s, where Tech played one of its last five games at home), and the ACC almost made Tech play Clemson and georgia back to back but put Syracuse as a buffer between the two, which is nice. Overall, a decent schedule.

YankeeJacket: Tell me more about Haynes King. What did he do at Texas A&M besides get injured, and why has he left?

How many years of eligibility does he have?

Should we be excited by his arrival? I kind of am as he must be an upgrade, talent wise, to the two Zachs.

Please give us an in depth appraisal of his past work and future potential at Georgia Tech.

Ben: I mean, he got hurt and didn’t play well when he wasn’t hurt, so he got passed on the depth chart. I don’t think it goes any deeper than that. You can find year-to-year stats below to see what he did at Texas A&M, but I find it hard to gather too much from such limited data.

Haynes King at Texas A&M

Season Completion Percentage Pass Yards Pass TDs INTs EPA/Dropback Pass SR Rush Yards Rush TDs Yards/Rush EPA/Rush Rush SR
Season Completion Percentage Pass Yards Pass TDs INTs EPA/Dropback Pass SR Rush Yards Rush TDs Yards/Rush EPA/Rush Rush SR
2020 50.00% 118 2 2 0.24 50% 86 0 7.17 0.42 50%
2021 64.71% 300 2 3 0.02 47% 31 0 7.75 0.60 50%
2022 55.61% 1199 7 7 -0.21 38% 119 1 5.41 0.40 50%
Stats courtesy of

From the limited stats, it seems like he has some issues with decision-making. I do not believe with any certainty that he will start. I fully believe it will be a completely open competition between him and the two Zachs, but given that King is a bit closer to what Pyron can do, I imagine the competition will likely come down to those two. At the same time, though, Zach Gibson, when he has time to throw, can really sling the ball, so I would not be surprised to see him hang in that competition.

It’s hard to get much deeper because King has very limited experience. He drew some Johnny Manziel comps when he committed to A&M and failed to live up to them in pretty much every way imaginable. I don’t think this is an addition that will suddenly turn Tech into an amazing team, but I think it gives Tech another option at quarterback that, if he doesn’t start, will serve as a good back-up and someone to push whoever does start.

As far as eligibility, he’s got three years to play three. He got the Covid year in 2020, took a redshirt in 2021 and was a r-Freshman last year.

Carter: go aggy