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Mailbag 12/7

What seniors could have a future on Sundays?

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Wake Forest Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

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CTjacket: Here’s a what-if for you... what if either of Alabama or Texas win the playoff but FSU beats georgia in the Orange by 6+ points. Do they have a legitimate claim at the NC? They will be the last unbeaten P5 team. If not, is there a point differential in the Orange that would make you change your mind?

Ben: They have a legitimate claim to the NC if any official pollster ranks them number 1 to finish the season. That’s the source of UCF’s claim from a few years ago. Fun fact from UCF’s wiki:

On January 9, 2018, the Colley Matrix, an algorithm formerly used as part of the BCS computer rankings, ranked UCF No. 1. All other NCAA-designated major selectors named Alabama as their 2017 national champion. The NCAA’s official record book lists UCF under the “Final National Poll Leaders” section, but the NCAA reserves the term “National Champions” for teams selected as champions by one of the four Consensus Polls (AP, USA Today/Coaches, National Football Foundation, and Football Writers Association of America) or winners of the BCS or College Football Playoff; and places a disclaimer next to UCF’s name which says that since 2014, “the College Football Playoff [has been] used to determine national champions in FBS”.

Unless one of the consensus polls ranked FSU No. 1, their best bet will be getting some obscure poll (like the Colley Matrix) to rank them No. 1 and finish as a Final National Poll Leader.

Jack: Doesn’t matter what will happen in the Orange Bowl for me. FSU would’ve had a chance if they were allowed in the playoff. Even if they get blown out. That game is going to be so weird with both teams feeling like they deserve better than that game. I hope they just both don’t show up and stick to the CFP.

Logan: It feels like both FSU and uga are going to have plenty of players sit out the Orange bowl. I think commentators will say that the game was not representative of both teams at peak strength regardless of who wins. I don’t think anything that happens in the Orange Bowl or in the CFP will provide solace for frustrated FSU fans.

Chris: Yeah like Ben said, it's based on some weird poll stuff. I could see it happening, but it’s probably a slim chance - most polls are just gonna name whoever wins the Playoff as their #1. Sad.

Jake: I’m for the chaos, raise the banner. I will refer you to Alabama’s 1941 title, which is evidence you can make numbers in your favor if you have the time and wherewithal to keep slicing and dicing data.

Burdell91: Will this form along existing conference lines (e.g. the soon-to-be “Power 4”), or will the have-nots in the P4 get paid off to stay behind while the rich teams leave? Is Tech a have or a have-not in this scenario?

Ben: I’ll believe this comes to be when it happens. Money has to be distributed in line with Title IX, so half of it needs to be directed at women’s sports. That’s not to say it won’t happen, but I don’t think it will happen soon, or at the very least it will have a large impact on anything.

GTGoldout: Given we are a few years into this whole portal thing now, what type of transfer do you expect Tech to primarily target: Transfers down (Haynes King, Kevin Harris, Myles Sims), Transfers up (Keion White), or across (McGowan, Cooley)?

Ben: Por que no los tres? I see no reason why Georgia Tech would not accept any type of transfer if they fit the position they’re recruiting for.

Logan: It feels like Key’s priority targets tend to be highly rated recruits who aren’t seeing much playing time at the schools they are transferring from. I do think we saw some success with the previous regime in getting talented players to transfer across, but those results have been mixed.

Chris: Agree with Logan, I think what we can offer guys is playing time.

GTGoldout: What position(s) do we look to fortify with the portal?

Ben: Give me some front 7 help!

Logan: Everything on Defense, but in particular D-Line. Let’s also get some O-Line help.

Chris: Yup, the whole defense.

gtbadcarma: Looking at the playoff picture, it is essentially placing the Big 10(Washington & Michigan) vs the SEC Texas and Alabama). Is the recent football playoff selection a not so subtle message by the NCAA that they are now ushering in the Power 2 era of football? Do you feel the NCAA decision will hasten its own end?

Ben: Absolutely not. I think the committee just thought that Travis not being healthy and Bama beating UGA was enough of a reason to include Bama over FSU.

Jack: I don’t think this is explicitly what’s happening. Remember, the CFP made this decision, not the NCAA.

Logan: I think people get a little obsessed with these conspiracy theories. It sucks that FSU got left out, it doesn’t mean that there is some plot by the College Football Illuminati to put an end to all conferences aside from the BIG 10 and SEC.

Chris: Yeah we always gotta remember that the CFP actually has nothing to do with the NCAA.

Jake: I think it is absolutely the message sent by the CFP, which is controlled by the powers that be in the sport. That doesn’t necessarily mean the NCAA, since the sport operates outside of their structure for championships and such.

TheCalvinist: What is your favorite Tech bowl game memory? Mine was in 2004 over Tulsa. Watched the game with my dad, and it’s my oldest memory of a Tech game that isn’t COFH. Winning 52-10 has that effect I guess.

Ben: Probably the cliché answer, but I will never forget watching Justin Thomas juke those MSU defenders into oblivion in the 2014 Orange Bowl.

Logan: The 2014 Orange Bowl was fun. I had been on a 12 hour night shift for my work for the previous 4 months and was actually at work watching this game in a conference room while on shift. The shifts were coming to an end at the new year so this was a fun treat that I got to enjoy before going back to my normal schedule.

Chris: HARD agree with Ben.

TheCalvinist: What is your favorite not-Tech bowl game memory? As a closet fan of the Fightin’ Texas Aggies (and a former employee of Chick-fil-A), I’d have to put A&M’s win over Duke in the 2013 Chick-fil-A Bowl as one of the best bowls I’ve watched. Johnny Football was something special to watch back then.

Jack: Watching Auburn win the national title with Cam. It was the first title of any kind I got to experience growing up with a team I had a rooting interest in. We rolled the trees in our front yard.

Logan: Always gonna be that Fiesta Bowl game between Boise State and Oklahoma. That game was nuts.

Jake: As a kid, seeing Illinois go to the Rose Bowl was cool, even though it ended terribly.

chilidogringsFO: I saw somewhere (CBS bowl rankings I think) where we were referred to as the “Straight” Jackets because how crazy the football team’s performance had been throughout the season. The men’s basketball seems to be fulfilling that same trajectory. Here’s the question: In the history of either sport has there been such an up and down unpredictable team in year 1 under a coaching regime that went on to have consistent winning performance in years 2, 3, 4, and further?

Ben: That’s such a niche thing to try and find. My guess would be probably not, but I have no way to know for sure. I saw enough from Key this season to believe that he can right the ship. He just needs to figure out that consistency and not play down to competition.

TkTheGoat: Any Seniors that will be picked in the NFL draft?

Ben: I know someone in the comments already mentioned Jaylon King, and I think he could have a good shot. I could see someone taking a shot on Dontae Smith or Paul Moala. The guy that I think could be one of the better ones, though is Myles Sims. He was crazy underrated this season.

That’s a pretty solid season if you ask me.

jabsterjacket: Comments on the ACC bowl selection process and how Tech got knocked down so far...apparently 6-6 VPI was in play for a higher-tier bowl but Tech was not...

What in the Wide Wide World of Sports (a registered trademark of ABC/Disney) is going on here?

Ben: The ACC is dumb and doesn’t care about Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech lets the ACC do whatever it wants.

Chris: Money.