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FTRS Picks: Army v Navy

No GT, but plenty of fun games

NCAA Football: Coastal Carolina at Army Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

While Army and Navy is left the season has come to an end for all intents and purposes. results from the season.

Top spot on the week belongs to mrbuzz1885 who was just 1 correct pick shy of a perfect week. Very impressive, especially considering the number of upsets this week.

There is still one pick left this season, but as noted above there is currently an insurmountable lead so the winner has been crowned. The top spot on the season belongs to Ched C. who managed to overcome a 2 point deficit last week to win the whole shebang with a total of 103 correct picks. Fantastic job.

The remaining top 5 on the season are Coin Flip in 2nd with 101 correct picks (so close, guess you can keep the coin), 3rd place is kjjrb555 with 98 correct picks followed closely by GTSMURF in 4th with 97 correct picks, and in 5th we have EducationalEngineer with 95 correct picks. Good job everyone. We will have more picks for bowl season so keep an eye out for that.

Syndication: USA TODAY Doug Engle/Gainesville Sun / USA TODAY NETWORK

Tough luck for FSU. I have a myriad of thoughts about the whole situation, but I’m trying not to turn this article into a hornets nest. We have our playoff bracket and uga ain’t in it so I’m pretty darn happy with the whole situation.

Looks like Georgia Tech will be playing Troy in the Birmingham bowl, so that’s a thing. If I was still in Atlanta I think this would at least be worth a day trip to see us play against Troy. Birmingham isn’t my favorite location, but a bowl is a bowl... Also there is a Buc-ee’s on the way if you’re driving from Atlanta so that is worth the trip alone.

Now I’m being told we’re actually playing in the Gasparilla Bowl in Tampa against UCF. Not sure why there was a discrepancy. Tampa is certainly a more desirable location for most at this time of year, and UCF makes for a more interesting opponent given how the previous coaching era for Tech ended after an embarrassing loss to UCF. Not sure if there is a Buc-ee’s on that drive though, so possibly missing out there.

This week we have Army v Navy, and the stakes are high. While neither team can be bowl eligible Army is looking to win the Commander and Chief trophy. Navy would really like to avoid that happening. Let’s see our military men play in College Football’s greatest rivalry before protecting us around the world.


Army Black Knights (-2.0) v Navy Midshipmen
(played at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA)

Logan: The uniforms look sharp this year, I think I prefer the Navy’s uniform honoring submarine personnel over the 3rd infantry look from Army but both look good. Both teams still run the option, both teams have their struggles on offense, and in a cold game in an open stadium this will most likely be a chaotic and messy game. I think Army has the slight edge with their QB play whereas Navy tends to have their best player at B-back for rushing the ball forward. Army has been on a roll of late and comes into this game with 3 straight wins, while Navy stumbled to SMU in their last matchup. If Navy can contain Bryson Daily I think they can win this game, but saying that and doing it are two different things. I’ll take Army to find a way to win this one.

Logan’s pick: Army