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FTRS Picks: Bowl Season Part 2

Get your costumes out for gameday!

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We’re still accumulating results from the previous picks so not much to say on that at the moment.

NCAA Football: Famous Toastery Bowl-Western Kentucky at Old Dominion Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Bowl Season typically goes one of two ways, tons of boring blowouts or plenty of close matchups. So far it seems to have been mostly close matchups like the games for Jacksonville State or the comeback for Western Kentucky. We just had our biggest blowout last night as USF demolished Syracuse, it was so bad the commentators had to start discussing romantic comedies in the fourth quarter. I’m hoping for more of the former games than the latter as we continue into the meat of the bowl season.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Gasparilla bowl is tonight. I’m simultaneously excited and nervous as this is our last chance on the year to make a mark and end a season with a above .500 record. UCF is not going to be an easy matchup for us so our boys need to leave their best game on the field. For all of those reading this in Tampa right now, have fun and cheer on the Jackets till your voice gives out!

One last Picks Article will come out after this one the week before the national championship so keep an eye out for that one. Now we get into the bulk of our ranked matchups, let’s get to picking.


TaxSlayer Gator Bowl at Everbank Stadium in Jacksonville, FL:
#22 Clemson Tigers (-4.0) v Kentucky Wildcats

Logan: Clemson took a long and winding path back to being ranked at the end of the year. It does feel like the Tigers have figured something out on offense as the season has gone on, and their defense continues to be as difficult to overcome as freshman hill on a rainy day. I think Clemson should win this game by more than a touchdown.

Logan’s pick: Clemson

Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl at The Sun Bowl in El Paso, TX:
#19 Oregon State Beavers v #16 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (-6.5)

Logan: Both teams have their starting QBs skipping this bowl game. Oregon State is also going to be missing at least one of their starting tackles and their star WR. Fair to say that scoring will be at a premium in this matchup. We are still waiting on report for what the defense roster will look like for both teams in this game, but I still expect Notre Dame to have the stronger defense. It’s a close call, but I do think Notre Dame has the talent to win by at least a touchdown on the back of their defense.

Logan’s pick: Notre Dame

Autozone Liberty Bowl at Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium
in Memphis, TN:
Memphis Tigers v Iowa State Cyclones (-9.5)

Logan: This is a home game for Memphis which should make things a little easier for them. So far there isn’t much news on opt outs. I would certainly expect Iowa State to win this game, but I feel like this high scoring Memphis offense should keep things closer than 10 points. I’ll take the tigers to cover.

Logan’s pick: Memphis

Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic at AT&T Stadium in
Arlington, TX:
#9 Mizzou Tigers (-2.5) v #7 Ohio State Buckeyes

Logan: The spread of this game has been tied to the fact that Ohio State has got a bunch of transfers that won’t be playing in this one. On the other side, Mizzou also has some opt outs, mostly at the linebacker and O-line positions, but the tigers will have the majority of their team in tact. Do you feel that the 2nd string Ohio State team can overcome the Mizzou tigers? I do, so I’ll go with Ohio State.

Logan’s pick: Ohio State

Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA: #11 Ole Miss Rebels v #10 Penn State Nittany Lions (-3.5)

Logan: Oddly enough, both teams seem to have the majority of their players actually playing in this game; so that’s a nice change of pace. Both of these teams had good seasons where their only losses were to legitimate playoff contenders. Penn State looked slightly better in their games, so I guess I’ll take Penn State in this one.

Logan’s pick: Penn State

TransPerfect Music City Bowl at
Nissan Stadium in Nashville, TN:
Auburn Tigers (-2.5) v Maryland Terrapins

Logan: Auburn always messes with my picks. I can never get Auburn right so I’m just going against my gut in this one. I was planning to pick Maryland, so I have to pick Auburn in this one.

Logan’s pick: Auburn

Capital One Orange Bowl at Hard Rock Stadium in
Miami Gardens, FL:
FSU Seminoles v a bunch of sour cry babies who are upset losing to Alabama knocked them out of the championship game. Well here’s a concept guys, maybe don’t lose to a sub par Alabama team. At least FSU has a reason to be upset, y’all are just being pissed off because this ended your winning streak. How is it that fans of this program are so annoying when they win, and even more annoying when they lose? Y’all just aren’t raised right. (-14.0)

Logan: So there are rumors that almost half the players for both teams will be sitting out this bowl game, and honestly I’m here for a chaotic bowl game decided by second stringers. Time will tell if that is what we actually end up with. I do think FSU has a better opportunity to win this game than people are giving them. They have time to adjust the offense and train whoever their QB is to play. If FSUs defense continues to play like they have, then I think they can cover this spread pretty easily.

Logan’s pick: FSU

Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl at Arizona Stadium in Tucson, AZ:
Toledo Rockets v Wyoming Cowboys (-3.0)

Logan: Toledo has one of the best offenses in the country and Wyoming has a stellar defense. Tale as old as time, unstoppable force meets immovable object. Clearly Vegas favors the immovable object in Wyoming. I tend to side with Toledo in this one, because even though their offense is the standout the rockets also have a pretty good defense to work with. This one should be fun, I expect the Rockets to win a close game.

Logan’s pick: Toledo

CFP Semifinal at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA:
#4 Alabama Crimson Tide v #1 Michigan Wolverines (-1.0)

Logan: Lets get physical. Both these teams win their games by bullying teams in the trenches and grinding down opposing defenses. I expect this one to play out similarly to the SEC championships game, the difference being that Michigan is going to want this one slightly more. A lot of these players were around last year for the loss to TCU, and they have had to deal with all the tribulations. For 2 evenly matched teams, sometimes the drive is the difference. I’ll go with Michigan.

Logan’s pick: Michigan

ReliaQuest Bowl at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL:
Wisconsin Badgers v #13 LSU Tigers (-8.5)

Logan: I’m not sure I really understand who decided this matchup. On paper LSU should dominate in this game, so I’m not particularly excited for this one. LSU does have a few people sitting out, but not enough for me to feel like the Badgers will be a threat in this one. Sorry Wisconsin, I think LSU covers.

Logan’s pick: LSU

Vrbo Fiesta Bowl at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, AZ:
#23 Liberty Flames v #8 Oregon Ducks (-17.5)

Logan: We have seen some crazy upsets by mid majors before... but come on, this one is Oregon all the way.

Logan’s pick: Oregon

Cheeze-It Citrus Bowl at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, FL:

#17 Iowa Hawkeyes v #21 Tennessee Volunteers (-8.5)

Logan: Iowa just does not have an offense. We’ve seen it all year, and there is no reason to expect a change here. So the question becomes can Iowa’s defense keep Tennessee from beating the spread. I’m siding with no, I’ll take Tennessee

Logan’s pick: Tennessee

CFP Semifinal at the Sugar Bowl at Cesars Super Dome in
New Orleans, LA:
#3 Texas Longhorns (-4.5) v #2 Washington Huskies

Logan: This is just a personal thing, but I think I have to take the Huskies here. We have had a lot of picks for the Huskies over this season and they consistently seem to find ways to win even against teams which should be better than Washington. I think there is an argument to be had that Texas can win because Washington is lacking on defense and Texas has talent to defeat them. That said, there is plenty to argue in favor of Washington when it comes to their stellar offense and the way their defense finds stops and turnovers when needed. I’ll take Washington.

Logan’s pick: Washington