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Tuesday Thoughts 12/19: The Knight’s Tale

In which we contemplate literary metaphors.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and welcome to B O W L W E E K ! Have you ever fought your cousin over a woman that neither of you have ever talked to?

In a remarkable display of prescience, Chaucer wrote about the ills of loving something unattainable that may not love you back and suffering for it around 500 years before the invention of college football.

Friday’s medieval fantasy doesn’t involve any fair maidens though, just a second tier bowl game sponsored by a mortgage loan company from Ohio. Honestly just as beautiful and enchanting as any Emelye or Guinevere out there, and just as deserving of our attention and lust. From the second I laid our eyes on her in the garden saw we got reassigned from Birmingham, winning a pirate’s chest trophy is all I’ve wanted and I will be unreasonably sad if we’re not the ones to hoist it on Friday night.

When the Yellow Jackets and no-longer-Golden Knights meet on the dueling ground of Raymond James Stadium, both teams will be ready to fight for the object of their love. We’re both 6-6 with plenty to prove. For them, it’s proving that joining the Big 12 wasn’t a mistake and wanting to end a disappointing season on a positive note. For us, it’s proving that the last five years were an aberration and staking our claim as a program on the rise. The losing team will have a bad taste in their mouth all offseason; much like Palamon and Arcite did with their love for Emelye, we’ve both invested a lot emotionally into what winning this game would mean.

I talked about this theme after the Georgia game - isn’t it neat to play in games that mean something again? The Gasparilla Bowl may not hold the nation’s attention as a premier competition but I’m smitten; our place as a program looks very different with that pirate’s chest in our trophy case and I can’t help but obsess over what it would mean to be a bowl champion again. I want it, I want it bad. I’m tired of being the afterthought team, the team that everyone overlooks, the team that doesn’t deserve air time. I don’t care how unimportant the bowl’s name is; I want the glory that comes with winning it, and I want the station that befits a bowl champion.

Anyways, fight win drink get naked, see y’all in Tampa!