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Mailbag 12/14

Would you rather Tech win 1 Natty in the next 10 years with no guarantees beyond that 10-year window, or Tech win 80% of games against georgie going forward in perpetuity?

NCAA Football: Georgia at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

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TheCalvinist: Would you rather Tech win 1 Natty in the next 10 years with no guarantees beyond that 10-year window, or Tech win 80% of games against georgie going forward in perpetuity?

I guess what I’m asking is, how much do you hate the dwags?

Ben: With no guarantee of how Tech performs in the other 9 seasons, I think I would take the 80% in perpetuity against UGA. My thinking is that if we’re beating UGA 80% of the time, Georgia Tech is playing consistently very well and may be in contention for a national championship anyway.

Jack: Always, without question, take the natty. That’s the whole point of all of this.

Logan: Ben mirrored my thoughts exactly, if we’re consistently beating uga then we are consistently competing for a national championship.

TheCalvinist: Should we look to hire someone with previous DC experience or should we stick with Sherrer next season?

I’m hearing about this former SEC DC who grew up a Tech fan who might be looking for a job. Goes by the name of Jeff Cawlins. Helluva resume, he even has experience as the head coach of a G5 and P5 school.

Ben: I’m not sure if they’ll hire someone with previous DC experience or not. I would love to see Tech hire a guy like Rocky Long, but my gut tells me that Sherrer will be the DC next year.

Logan: I would prefer we hire someone with more experience, but I think this may be a case of Sherrer being Key’s guy. I don’t dislike Sherrer as DC, but if he gets more talent next year and still struggles... I think that may become a hot seat.

tyler_pifer92: What are y’all’s thoughts on the incoming transfers so far? The DB from Tennessee seems like a huge steal.

Ben: I’m pretty excited about the incoming transfers thus far. The two that stand out most to me are Warren Burrell (the CB from Tennessee) and Keylan Rutledge (the OL from MTSU). Rutledge is a former All-C-USA offensive lineman and should slot in pretty easily to the guard position vacated by Connor Scaglione. I also expect Burrell to fill in nicely for Myles Sims next season.

Logan: I’m feeling pretty good about it. There are still plenty of holes to fill, especially on defense, but it shows that we have a plan in place to bring in experienced talent.

tyler_pifer92: I’ve been in support or FSU being left out of the CFP and think that the notion that it’s a knock against the ACC ridiculous. Do we seriously think that an undefeated Georgia Tech team with wins over Ole Miss on the road, a win against #1 Georgia and a win against undefeated FSU in the ACCCG is getting left out?

The fact is FSU had a poor resume and losing a likely Heisman finalist to injury was a huge blow.

Ben: That’s a bold move to take that stance. I understand why the decision was made, but I still think it’s kind of a dumb decision. Even without Travis, FSU’s defense is one of, if not the, best in the whole country and would have kept them in the games against the other teams. Interestingly, SP+ showed Texas being on the outside looking in of the five teams in consideration.

Jack: Given the current criteria of the CFP, the loophole was there. But by the logic the committee used, the Eagles never should’ve been in Super Bowl LII without Carson Wentz, the Braves should never have been in the 2021 World Series without Ronald Acuña Jr, and Ohio State shouldn’t be in the original playoff with Cardale Jones. It doesn’t hold water. You play all the other games for a reason! People are going to get hurt but if you find a way to win, that’s what matters. It’s a damn travesty.

Logan: First off, I disagree that FSU had a poor resume. according to strength of schedule Michigan had the 51st strongest schedule only 3 spots ahead of FSU. They beat 2 SEC opponents, including a dominating performance against LSU and the Heisman winner and they won an ACC championship purely on the talent of their defense. I think FSU had a fair argument to get in and the athletes should be pissed about the decision.

That said, I also get the other argument. I personally think that Alabama v Michigan is a better matchup to watch (and one I am more interested in watching) than FSU v Michigan would be. It’s tough for me because I think FSU should have been the team chosen, but I still think the Bama v Michigan matchup is better on paper. That said, sports is highly unpredictable, just because I think in my head that Bama can play Michigan better doesn’t mean it would be the case if those teams actually played. People still get pissed about TCU being in the playoff last year but forget that they beat Michigan pretty handily. College football has always had controversy around playoffs and championships, and I expect things to continue even after we expand to a 12 team playoff.

DressHerInWhiteAndGold: How do we feel about a Euro Soccer Relegation scheme for CFB?

I’m hearing a lot more about it; how it will unlock $gozillions for everybody, maybe a C Level celebrity will invest in your 4th rank team and put them on a limited series run on Hulu, maybe mid-season tournaments.

Ben: There’s too much money involved in college football for any reasonable school to agree to something like that.

Logan: In concept I like the idea, but as Ben points out money and other factors would make this arrangement difficult to get teams to sign on.

DressHerInWhiteAndGold: If you put up a tree, what is your lighting scheme?

  • Colored lights like its 1967
  • White lights like its 1997
  • Mono color/non white lights like its a Rich’s window
  • Candles like its 1887
  • Blink/no blink
  • Aluminum pole, high strength : weight

Ben: I use the lights that come with the tree that we bought.

Jack: A mix of white and colored lights.

Logan: I used to like color lights, but now I kind of like the white lights and how it makes the rest of the tree look.

tyler_pifer92: I don’t intend to dominate the mailbag, but:

There has been a 14 day restraining order put out against the one time transfer rule. So now anyone can transfer! How big of a deal is this and what are the potential ramifications for Georgia Tech?

Ben: I got off Twitter like a month or so ago, and this is the first I’m hearing about this. I have no way of knowing what ramifications would be for Georgia Tech, and I don’t like speculating about player transfers. But I think this is a pretty big deal that will probably increase the number of transfers (more than it already will).

Logan: Too early to tell... I’m not a law expert but it feels like a ruling of this manner can be revised by a higher court. If the ruling remains in place, we’ll have to see how many more transfers this entices.

Submitted via email: What do you want to see our defense look like schematically next season (Odd fronts? Even fronts? Man coverage heavy? Zone coverage heavy? Zone blitz? etc.)?

Ben: I don’t care about schematics. What I want to see our defense do next season is learn tackling fundamentals. That needs to be the highest priority.

Logan: depends on where our strongest positions are at, that would have a direct impact on what kind of scheme I would like us to run. I guess generally speaking I have seen good things out of the 3-3-5 offense, but I don’t think we currently have the talent on defense to effectively implement that scheme.