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Georgia Tech Football: Staff Predictions - uga

Here’s how the FTRS staff think this weekend’s game will go.

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 29 Georgia Tech at Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Benjamin Tankersley

Georgia wins 38-14.

I outlined what Georgia Tech would need to do to win in this week’s mailbag. And as much as I would love to believe that Tech can do it, I’m unfortunately just not convinced. I think Tech gets a touchdown early, but then will be unable to score until the end of the game.

Logan Sandor

Georgia Tech wins 31-30

Do I actually have faith this can happen… no, very little If any faith in this pick. If I’m gonna make a pick though I may as well go all in. GT plays ball control and our defense plays the best game they have all season. uga is distracted by upcoming priorities, and slip up against us in the most embarrassing way possible. Who knows, we have done well to win all our night games this year and pulled some amazing upsets. Let’s wreck the dwags season.

Jake Grant

I am just here to echo Logan’s energy and his prognostication. How that figures into a score, I am less sure, but I do think that, other than maybe the Virginia game, we are yet to see a game where Tech puts it all together for four quarters. In the event that does happen — the defense shows some improvement in stopping the run, wins the turnover battle by at least two or three, Haynes King limits costly mistimes, and receivers limit the drops that seem to have plagued them the past two weeks — I think Tech has a real shot. It just requires all of those things happening all at once, for all four quarters. But it’s why they play the games.

Jack Purdy

Georgia wins 41-10.

Georgia’s defense is going to be a massive problem for us. As much as we’ve improved leaps and bounds offensively under Haynes King, the moment they can get pressure, and they will get pressure, it’s going to get rough. Multiple King interceptions this year have come from panicked throws when the pocket collapses too fast. If he can do a good job scrambling and maybe defaulting to that more frequently, we can put more than 10 on the board, but the physical mismatch is going to be a crazy mountain to overcome. At least we’ll see an offensive score at home, something that didn’t happen two years ago.