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Mailbag 11/24

What does Georgia Tech need to do to beat the dwags?

Charles Gilley / @cgilleyphotos

tyler_pifer92: Singleton has been at times dynamic and at times incredibly frustrating. At what point do his drops become a concern? I have all the faith that he figures it out, but it’s been frustrating.

Ben: His drops are certainly a concern now, but it’s important to remember that he’s only a freshman. The hope is that with more coaching, he will continue to improve with it. Thankfully, Georgia Tech has other receivers that they can count on.

Logan: Big drops are always a concern, but I still think he’s our best receiver. If Singleton puts in effort to improve I believe he can fix this issue.

Chris: Definitely a concern now, but it’s certainly something he can easily work on.

jabsterjacket: What is your favorite COFH meme?

Ben: It’s hard for me to say that anything will beat the Dwags. It’s simple, but I just love it.

Jake: Does the song count as a meme? If so, it is that, and it isn’t particularly close otherwise.

Chris: Yeah Ben, Dwags is the gift that keeps on giving.

Jack: The existence of the To Hell with Georgia issue of The Technique. Writing for that issue twice was one of the best parts of college.

BuzzForPresident: You can only choose one:

  1. Go to the COFH game, or
  2. Sell your tickets (to raise money) and go to the Bowl game

What’s your choice?

Ben: I think it’s entirely dependent on the situation. For me personally, I think I would defer to the bowl game, but I wouldn’t fault anyone for either choice.

Logan: I don’t yet have enough hope that we could actually win COFH, so I would sell and get to a bowl given the choice.

Jake: Go to the COFH game, particularly if we’re talking about this year. I have to travel to see mine and my fiancé’s families during the winter holidays, so the bowl game is probably not in the cards, given the likely timing. Plus, I already bought season tickets - might as well use them.

Chris: Bowl, 100%.

Jack: COFH, 100%. Only six bowl games matter

GTalbatross: What post game channels are available to athletic administration to address the contact to the head and neck area of Haynes during the football game?

I was disappointed no reporters asked questions to Brent Key for clarification of explanation on the field. Was it a missed call that goes against the referee team in a point system? Or is football just a physical sport. Share your thoughts.

Ben: Football is definitely a physical sport, and anyone who plays is putting themselves at risk for serious and sustained injuries. That being said, there are safety measures in place to help protect athletes, and those measures were not used on Saturday. I don’t know what the specific channels are, but I believe that Brent Key can appeal the no-call to the ACC. Beyond that? I’m not sure.

Chris: Agree with Ben, I think the program can lodge some type of complaint with the ACC, but I’m not sure what that actually does - referee performance is very nebulous.

Jack: So I was in the press room, but honestly after seeing that replay, I did not see the criteria met for targeting. The defender ran face first at him, not leading with the crown of the helmet, and the size mismatch made it so the helmets hit each other in the process of a legal tackle.

chilidogringsFO: Assuming we make defensive coaching changes in the offseason, what defensive scheme should we choose?

Ben: I want to preface this by saying that I don’t think Tech will be making any drastic changes to the defensive coaching staff. I’ll get to this more in the next question. Now, if Georgia Tech were to move on to another defensive coordinator, I don’t have much of a preference for system. Georgia Tech is more geared to a four-man front currently, but with the transfer portal, they could probably switch to a three-man front without too much issue. They have already had Makius Scott lining up at defensive end.

Chris: I’m not really a scheme guy so I’ll say: anything that doesn’t involve giving up an automatic 10 yards to screens.

Rbissman: Do you replace DC Scherrer and Thacker and bring in a new vibe?? Then who??

Ben: As I mentioned in the previous question, I don’t think Tech makes any drastic changes at DC. I think Andrew Thacker will be formally released from his contract, but I think Kevin Sherrer is safe. His seat might be a touch warm, but it’s Brent Key’s first season as the head coach. No head coach worth his salt is going to make a drastic change like firing a coordinator in his first season. Thacker was an exception because he was a holdover from the previous regime. Sherrer will get a couple years to demonstrate development.

Jake: Having had the benefit of writing this after Ben wrote his response, I was holding out on replying to the previous question until I read his answer here. In general, I agree with his commentary in both regards, but I would add on my end that I think the clearer need is in implementing some sort of grand plan to get a better rush defense. I am not convinced that comes with firing Sherrer, but with how he, much like Key before him, is the interim that hired a situation and has had to work with it, I could certainly see him getting his opportunity to flesh out more of the staff in the moderately likely chance he comes back for another year.

Chris: Agree with Ben and Jake, and I’ll add that I don’t think we have the money to fire and replace right now. At least not the money to go out and get a guy that would be drastically better.

DressHerInWhiteAndGold: Holiday appropriate and FTRS mandatory

Dressing or Stuffing?

Ben: Dressing. Keep the bread outside of the turkey.

Logan: Stuffing, I like the extra flavor and moistness.

Jake: Well, I guess what my family calls stuffing is actually dressing, because it comes out looking like a casserole. Dressing it is.

Chris: Dressing.

Jack: Stuffing, mix it all together baby!

TkTheGoat: Best and worst Thanksgiving food

Ben: I don’t know that there really is a “bad” Thanksgiving food. I think there are definitely second-tier dishes (green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, etc.), but the top-tier Thanksgiving dishes are turkey (prepared well; if it’s prepared any worse than that, it’s bottom-tier), macaroni and cheese, dressing and gravy, and sweet potatoes (with marshmallows).

Chris: Mac and cheese is probably the easy answer for “best”. Hot take, but the worst for me is probably mashed sweet potatoes. Everyone adds a ton of sugar and/or marshmallows and it’s just too sweet. Roasted sweet potato is awesome when seasoned to be savory, why don’t we do that?

Jake: As a Midwesterner, it is probably quite on brand for me to opine about the general lack of love most people give a good casserole. It doesn’t matter what the core ingredient is - green beans, broccoli, sweet potato, or even mac and cheese - a well done casserole adds some crunch/variety to what otherwise has the tendency to be a meal with a lot of gloopy-ish textures. Of course, much like Ben noted with the turkey, if these are prepared poorly, then you’re in for a long meal. But regardless, I think I’d agree that the turkey is extremely high variance. A good turkey is excellent, a poor one, well, let’s just say I prefer ham.

TheCalvinist: To Hell With georgia?

Ben: What’s the good word?

Jake: What Ben said.

Chris: Yes.

Submitted via email: In the spirit of my unbridled optimism, the fact that we’ve stood up to ranked foes this year and, in the case of myamee and uncheat, taken some of them down, it’s time for the age-old question: How do we beat the dwags? They’ve looked vulnerable at times but teams have just been unable to finish the deed. And I don’t care if people think we can’t beat them. I don’t even care if people think we won’t beat them. All I care about is how. Because as the old adage says, where there’s a will there’s a way.

Ben: Looking at the GameOnPaper preview, a few things stand out to me. The first is that UGA’s defense has struggled somewhat against the run. Offensively, though, there’s not really anything they don’t do well, so Tech’s defense is probably in for a long day. Tech’s best bet in this game will be to control the clock by relying on the run and trying to force a turnover or get a stop. It’s not going to be easy because UGA will be able to out-athlete and out-depth Tech. If Tech can get it’s running game going, though, well I won’t say it could happen, but that would be the best bet for something happening.

Jake: In a more vibes-based take, when is the last time this game has been at night? It certainly hasn’t been in my time associated with the Institute. So, put simply, let’s just play the spooky Dodd after dark card. That’ll work, right?

Chris: Shorten the game by relying on the run, burning clock, and limiting 3-and-outs to keep the ball out of their offense’s hands. Get at least two turnovers without giving up any. Make it ugly and low scoring.

Jack: Tell georgia the game starts at 9:30 p.m. so they show up late and forfeit.