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Georgia Tech Beats Syracuse 31-22

The Yellow Jackets Are Going Bowling

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Look, am I pumped about this result? Not really. But damnit this team is going bowling. They made it to six wins and they will be going bowling (for selfish reasons I hope we’re in New York after Christmas). Haynes King had some gutty play along with Jamal Haynes and the defense.

This game was a serious microcosm of the season. First it was incredibly up and down. GT got up 24-3, but then dropped to 24-22. That’s been normal for this team. Huge scoring runs have been a staple this season both ways.

Then there was the run defense getting run over, just like they have much of the season. This was a little different because Syracuse was running this bizzare Wildcat-esque offense with their tight end at quarterback for most of the game, but still got a lot of yards and offense.

Then there was the inexplicable interception by Haynes King. Once or twice or game he tends to throw one up and this game was no exception. He threw one to the middle of nowhere today and a Syracuse safety jumped on it. The only possible explanation I can think of for the throw is that King saw an Orange defender jump (which he did) and thought it was offsides (it wasn’t) so he had a free play. Otherwise it was an indefensible throw.

But, despite all that bad, this team moved the ball when they needed to. The Jackets had particular success when King was running the ball. It forced Syracuse to focus on an extra dimension and opened up the offense (much like it has earlier this year). Eric Singleton got open, but had some impactful drops (much like he did against Clemson). Jamal Haynes had a great day including turning a dead end screen into a 15-yard touchdown.

Special teams struggled a bit except for one huge play when they forced an Orange fumble right out of the halftime break. That ended up being a game saving turnover.

This game should have been a bigger win for the Jackets, but I’m super excited that we’re going bowling. I am pumped for Brent Key. I am happy these seniors get to go out right no matter how it goes next week. I want the Pinstripe Bowl for selfish reasons, but lets’s ignore that for right now.

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets win 31-22. They play georgia next Saturday at Bobby Dodd at 7:30. We may not win this one, but we’re going bowling.