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FTRS Picks Week 6: The Ones You Don’t See Coming

NCAA Football: Bowling Green at Georgia Tech Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Week 5 was a rough one for many reasons, but our pickers had difficulty getting a read on the games last week. results from the week.

One person who continues to find the correct picks is kjjrb55. kjjrb55 got the top spot last week with 8 correct picks and now sits in sole possession of the top spot with 40 correct picks on the year.

Below kjjrb55 we have EducationalEngineer in 2nd with 37 correct picks on the year. There is also a 3 way tie for 3rd place with Ched C., Philip Kaltman, and GTBadCarma who each have 36 correct picks on the year. Good job so far guys.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Mississippi Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the title this week mostly followed the chalk expectations. There were a few upsets, Ole Miss was very excited to pull a comeback over LSU. So excited in fact that they stormed the field after beating the #13 team in the nation. Kentucky took personal offense to not being ranked going against Florida and proceeded to curb stomp the gators. Oregon State proved they should not be looked down upon with a big win over #10 ranked Utah, the beavers opted not to storm the field.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Meanwhile in the top 5 everyone except the #1 ranked dwags continued to look good. Michigan and Texas continue to look like they deserve to be in the playoffs. Alabama also had a big showing late Saturday as they scha-lacked the Mississipi State Bulldogs.

NCAA Football: Bowling Green at Georgia Tech Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

What happened? We lost to Bowling Green in the most embarrassing way possible, that’s the short version. We looked so bad on both sides of the ball as the offense missed open passes and the defense... oh boy the defense. I’m not sure I can find anything good to say about how the defense looked. These kinds of games happen, but it is not fun to go through.

As a fan it’s causing me great pain to admit I just didn’t view Bowling Green as being a challenge. I know in my heart this team cannot afford to underestimate anyone, and we went ahead and underestimated Bowling Green. I didn’t see this result coming. I can’t imagine how the coaches and players who lived through that game have to feel right now. It’s not fun, and yeah its gonna cast a dark shadow over the rest of the season no matter what our record is... All that said, GT needs to use their frustration as a fire to play better. We still have 7 games on the schedule and as we have seen year after year anything can happen in the ACC. I hope our guys can use this as motivation and find a way to win some games down the stretch. The other option is we just give up on the season, and we can’t afford to keep being that team.


Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets @ #17 Miami Hurricanes (-20.0)

Logan: Still processing the whole thing that happened last weekend against Bowling Green. I’m usually an optimist in these things but that was a tough one to watch. By all accounts Miami should kick our teeth in if we play like last week. I’m going to choose to believe that we were not planning for Bowling Green because we were putting in extra effort to plan for Miami. I have no real basis for this, but I will take Tech to cover a large spread if King can make the correct throws and our defense looks more like it did against Wake Forest. That said, I can’t blame any of our readers for picking Miami to win big. I’m gonna hang my hat with GT.

Logan’s pick: Georgia Tech

#10 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (-6.5) @ #25 Louisville Cardinals

Logan: Louisville is finally ranked after their ugliest offensive showing on the year. Notre Dame didn’t look like world stars against Duke, but they did what they needed to win a good game. Is it possible Louisville did what we did and was busy looking forward to the team they thought would be more of a challenge? I suppose. I seem to always be on the wrong side of my Notre Dame picks, and since I was going to pick ND on this one I will go ahead and flip that prediction to say Louisville covers.

Logan’s pick: Louisville

#23 LSU Tigers (-6.5) @ #21 Mizzou Tigers

Logan: Tiger on Tiger violence is not a good thing. If we look at talent you are again looking at a game LSU should win handily, but talent hasn’t gotten it done for LSU. LSU has choked in every game I have picked them in, so in a way maybe this is personal; regardless I currently have more faith in Mizzou to want to win this game. Mizzou should at least cover.

Logan’s pick: Mizzou

Syracuse Orange @ #14 UNC Tarheels (-9.0)

Logan: I feel the same way about this game as I felt about the Syracuse game last week. Syracuse is a good team, but they are currently going up against a team which should be challenging for the ACC title this year. I think UNC should win this game by 2 touchdowns.

Logan’s pick: UNC

#13 Washington State Cougars (-3.5) @ UCLA Bruins

Logan: Washington State is the true champion of the PAC-2 following their defeat of Oregon State 2 weeks ago. If they play like they did in that game I struggle to see anyone other than Oregon challenging the Cougs. I hope I don’t curse them with this pick, but I’ll go with Washington State.

Logan’s pick: Cougars

Kentucky Wildcats @ some school in athens (-15.0)

Logan: Kentucky at least covers. Our “friendly” neighbors to the north have looked like crap against every somewhat decent team they have played. Honestly Kentucky should win if uga keeps playing like what their dog leaves behind on the lawn, but the Wildcats should certainly cover.

Logan’s pick: Kentucky

Nebraska Cornhuskers @ Illinois Fighting Illini (-3.5)

Logan: I actually think Nebraska is on the turnaround now that they got someone other than Sims in the starting position. Good on them for learning in a few weeks what took us 3 seasons to figure out. Nebraska should win.

Logan’s pick: Nebraska

#11 Alabama Crimson Tide (-3.5) @ Texas A&M Aggies

Logan: TAMU always plays the Crimson Tide hard at home. Alabama should win now that they seem to have the fire back under them, but TAMU will keep it very close. I’ll take the Aggies to cover. Weird that I’m breaking my own rule, but here we are.

Logan’s pick: Aggies

Rutgers Scarlet Knights @ Wisconsin Badgers (-13.0)

Logan: Watching Rutgers make a run early in the season made me very happy. It makes you feel hope when you see a struggling team start to figure things out and get solid performances against good teams. Rutgers had a good run up till now, this is where they begin falling back to earth. Wisconsin wins this one by a few touchdowns.

Logan’s pick: Wisconsin

#24 Fresno State Bulldogs (-6.5) @ Wyoming Cowboys

Logan: This game is against two tough competitors in the Mountain West. Losing this game could mean losing their chance at the Mountain West Championship. Wyoming should know this, and they should be prepping to give Fresno State a heck of a game at home. Wyoming should cover this spread.

Logan’s pick: Wyoming

#12 Oklahoma Sooners @ #3 Texas Longhorns (-5.0)

Logan: The Red River Shootout. I honestly haven’t seen Oklahoma play this year. I have seen Texas play, and I gotta say they look like champions. This is a rivalry game so it will be tough but I think this is Texas’s game to lose. Is Texas back? I’m thinking they’re back.

Logan’s pick: Texas