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FTRS Picks: Championship Game

It all comes down to this

Syndication: Austin American-Statesman Joe Rondone/Arizona Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

results from the bowl season

I think there may have been some confusion as the bowl season picks are separate from the regular season picks. As such the scores listed above only reflect the picks from the bowl season. After 42 bowl games played we have a 3 way tie at the top. “dakotabull”, “aknartrebna”, and “Yeller Bug” All had 26 correct picks out of 42. That means it all comes down to this week for the ultimate champion of the bowl season. I will make a post in the comments for the winner following the championship game.

Other notables this bowl season who went over the .500 mark in picks were “RamblinRocketman” with 24 correct picks, “donkeygoatrunner” and “BuzzForPresident” with 23 correct picks, and “psandor3” and “CliffClavin” with 22 correct picks. Good job guys.

This bowl season has been pretty awesome honestly. I know that bowl games have plenty of haters but the games have been mostly close and plenty of them have been exciting affairs throughout. I hope our readers were able to at least watch a few of the exciting endings this bowl season provided.

Speaking of exciting ending... Man, we were a missed field goal away from trading an annoying fanbase that we all hate, with an annoying fanbase that only most of us hate. Oh well, no point dwelling in the past.

TCU and athens community college are going up against each other in the championship game. Obviously my personal preference would be to see TCU crush uga, but frankly I would just be happy with another fun game like the playoff games last week.


Championship Game in SoFi Stadium Inglewood, California: #3 TCU Horned Frogs v #1 Athens Community College (-12.5)

Logan: I think the readers who have been with us all year know the drill at this point. I’m still not picking the dwags. I will say that TCU has proven enough people wrong against opponents time and time again this year that I just have a hard time seeing the Horned Frogs lose by 13 or more points. I’m not super hopeful for TCU to win, but they gotta be able to keep things closer than 13 points. I would take TCU regardless of my fan bias.

Logan’s Pick: TCU