Georgia Tech needs you for r/Cfb Risk!

Hello Yellow Jackets!

I am excited to announce the return after a 3 year hiatus of r/CFB Risk! In r/CFB Risk you team up with your fellow Yellow Jackets to be soldiers of in a massive game of Risk, battling against other fanbases for supremacy. Watch as your victories guide you up the leaderboard and lead Georgia Tech to victory. No prior experience is required! All you have to do is join up and put an order in once a day. The first round is the night of 1/20. Join us for the strategy, betrayal and general fun that the game has to offer. All you need is an account at Signup here!

Here is 3 step guide to join the team Georgia Tech!

Join us on discord!

Apply to our sub reddit: r/GTRisk

Note for this game: teams that survived the 2020 game, which Georgia Tech did, are only able to defend for the first 3 turns.

Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

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