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GAME THREAD: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs. Clemson Tigers

Let’s do this!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 13 Boston College at Georgia Tech Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Come join us as we talk through today’s game! As always, play nice in the comments, and GO JACKETS!!

Game Predictions

Drew Gordon

Clemson wins 45-17.

Andrew Rodrigues

Clemson wins 45-17.

Clemson had a down year last season... by only winning 10 games.

Carter Templeton

Clemson wins 24-7.

An offseason of promised change is going to come crashing to the ground as we realize that Georgia Tech football is the exact same it has been for the past three seasons. With Clemson returning its QB1 but bringing in new coordinators on both sides of the ball, this game will either be an ugly grind like last year or see Georgia Tech get ground into paste like the year before. Either way, it won’t be a pretty result for the “home” team.

Robert Binion

Clemson wins 35-7.

Will The GT offense out score the Clemson defense?

Logan Sandor

Clemson wins 35-16.

It’s Clemson… we’ll cover and that’s as optimistic as I will get.

Jake Grant

Clemson wins 31-14.

I think Tech will look “better than expected,” but that it still won’t ever really be in doubt who the winner will be. After failing to capitalize on the best chance to beat them in quite a while last year, I can’t see the Tigers blinking twice.

Jeff Cramer

Clemson wins 38-17.

Expect Georgia Tech to hang around for a half in this game against Clemson. The Tigers have brand new coordinators on both offense and defense. The offense wasn’t so hot last year and this isn’t your playoff contender Clemson. Still, Clemson is loaded with NFL caliber players and that depth will see them pull away around the start of the fourth.

Jack Purdy

Clemson wins 42-10.

Let’s be clear here: this is Clemson we’re facing. I want nothing more than to see us put out a full effort without the bewildering mistakes that came from last year. Hopefully a win becomes the side effect. Keep that in mind, wins are side effects of effort and execution. Execution was not a thing we got last year. The best we can do is support this team while objectively analyzing what we see. Can’t wait for football!

Sammy McMillan

Clemson wins 35-14.

Clemson is pissed about their 10-win season, so they’re going to come out hot. Talent gap still very much in existence, and as much as I want to believe we can pull off the upset, I don’t see it happening. We had success in the Benz last year, but it’s going to be mostly orange... Good news: we cover the 21.5 point spread.

Jake Patterson

Clemson wins 42-0.