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Open Thread: Week 1 Games

Georgia Tech isn’t playing today, so drop in to talk about every other game going on!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 11 Kennesaw State at Georgia Tech Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Georgia Tech may not be playing today, but college football is still happening! Join us in the comments while we talk about whatever games are happening today!

What game are you watching today?

Benjamin Tankersley

With it being Week 1, I’m going to try to catch a few games, but some of the ones that are catching my eyes are of course the big ones (Florida/Utah and UGA/Oregon), but I’m also intrigued by USC v. Rice because some moron bet $1,000 on USC to win (not to cover) to win less than $20, so I want to see Rice get the upset.

Drew Gordon

It’s week 1. I’m watching as many games as I can.

Andrew Rodrigues

  • Army at Coastal Carolina
  • UNC at App State
  • Kennesaw St at Samford
  • Davidson at Jacksonville State

Carter Templeton

I will be very deep into DragonCon by the time Saturday rolls around so I will just be sneaking glances where I can.

Robert Binion

Cincinnati Arkansas is fascinating to me. Can Cincy reload? Arkansas lot a ton on defense. How do they follow up an encouraging 2021 campaign? This one will tell us a lot

Logan Sandor

I’m watching Utah v UF, NC Stare v ECU, and uga v Oregon as my main focus games

Jake Grant

Honestly, I was most excited this weekend for the Backyard Brawl on Thursday night, and I am unsure how much football time I’ll have Friday-Sunday.

If I get to a television, I’d say Friday I would pick Illinois at Indiana (yep, I am that Midwestern), Saturday would be NC State/ECU or UNC/App State at noon and Memphis/Mississippi State or Ohio State/Notre Dame at night, with Florida State/Louisiana State being the call on Sunday.

Jeff Cramer

Utah and Florida could be an intriguing matchup. Most of this week is full of mismatched teams but these two are teams at the top or close to it in their divisions.