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Technical Tidbits 9/23: If Tech loses tomorrow then …

Does the inevitable happen?

NCAA Football: Clemson at Georgia Tech Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

There’s definitely one hot topic regarding Georgia Tech football that is circulating the collegiate sporting news circuits. For those not living under a rock, you won’t need to be told it involves the hot seat that head coach Geoff Collins and athletic director Todd Stansbury find themselves firmly seated on. I include Stansbury because it seems very likely he may be on the way out as well. So, the first article for today’s Tidbits will be focused on the coaching drama surrounding the football program.

It’s a pretty vanilla article but given the topic of the Geoff Collins drama, just about any article focused on it is. That’s because there are now two near certainties when it comes to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football program: 1. The Yellow Jackets are more likely than not to lose their next game 2. After four seasons of this kind of expectation becoming the norm, it’s only a matter of time before head coach Geoff Collins will be shown the exit.

As the article mentions, at his Tuesday press conference, Collins speaks of the adversity his team faces and how they handle it, and how this all displays their leadership. And in his words, “That is what we have been building towards.”

It’s great to know that young athletes are learning and displaying leadership. It’s safe to say that the hope of many Tech fans is that someone in Georgia Tech’s athletic department with the authority to make staff decisions will do the same. Preferably after tomorrow’s game. Because we all know what’s more than likely going to happen tomorrow. Here’s to hoping for the other to happen as well.

This is a good article to follow up on and get more insight into the leadership Collins spoke of in his Tuesday press conference. The article focuses on Zamari Walton and an inspirational speech he made to the team after their embarrassing loss to Ole Miss last week.

Well, for tomorrow’s game Tech will be facing UCF. The team is down in Orlando. This article has a lot of details you need to know about the game.