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In times of peril, how will Georgia Tech respond?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Las Vegas Raiders Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

This has been a strange week. I woke up on Saturday morning in a bright mood, hoping for a hard fought battle at Bobby Dodd. That didn’t happen. Then I played golf on Sunday, hoping for a low round. That didn’t happen either. I guess it hasn’t been that strange... whatever. I did win both of my fantasy football matchups, thanks in large part to former Georgia Tech WR, current Raiders standout, and underground rapper, Darren Waller. That is strange because I tend to lose most fantasy matchups.

Maybe this next part isn’t so strange, but as a program, Tech has ventured into somewhat rare territory as we are likely looking for a new head football coach (soon, if not already). We’ve talked about it a lot. And this week, every sportswriter who cares to publish material about our beloved Yellow Jackets has highlighted how far down the wishing well we’ve gone. Even former players are starting to chime in. It’s getting exhausting, to be honest. And I’m not even directly involved with the “drama”. Regardless, Tech still has to prepare for the rest of the season. And until we hear official word from AD Stansbury (or straight from the school...), this team is going to have a lot of distractions to work through.

Let’s remind ourselves for the helluvit, the rest of the season doesn’t get any easier:

  • UCF on the road
  • #24 Pitt on the road
  • Duke (took a last second TD to beat them in 2021)
  • Virginia, almost lost to ODU but still have Brennan Armstrong
  • A much-improved FSU team on the road
  • Virginia Tech, lost to ODU but it’s on the road
  • #25 Miami
  • UNC on the road
  • #1 uga... lemmmmeee cheecckkk.... yep, on the road

Nine more games. Six on the road. And after the “biggest embarrassment in history” against Ole Miss, it’s hard to find confidence as a fan that this team will win more than 1-2 additional games. Hell - I’ve officially gone dark mode - we might win 0 more games. But what I think and feel means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme, particularly in regards to how the remaining games play out.

At this point, the Geoff Collins’ coaching staff is at its wit’s end (say that 5 times fast). The new coaches jumped on a sunken ship, despite some signs of life. It’s up to the players in the locker room. I was not a college athlete. I cared too much about academics....... But the players still have something to fight for - pride, transfer portal film, future NIL deals, I don’t really know. I just hope they find something, and fight. If they can, then maybe, just maybe, we will see a team on Saturday that doesn’t care about the distractions. In the meantime, I’m going to continue breathing. And even though we’ve hit rock bottom, you know I’ll be tuned in. Go Jackets.