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GAME THREAD: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs. Ole Miss Rebels

Let’s do this!

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Come join us as we talk through today’s game! As always, play nice in the comments, and GO JACKETS!!

Game Predictions

Benjamin Tankersley

Ole Miss wins 28-17.

I don’t know what to think about this game. Ole Miss has not been a worldbeater this year, especially on offense. The Rebels have dealt with some of the same offensive inconsistencies as Tech, so I think the Yellow Jackets have the opportunity to keep this close, but I do think that Ole Miss is still a bit more talented and well put together.

Robert Binion

Ole Miss wins 38-24.

Jake Grant

Georgia Tech wins 27-21.

I want to see a win, so this week I will predict one accordingly. We saw the potential for the defense to tighten up in the first half against Clemson, and it’ll take a performance like that for all four quarters to win this game. That, plus another effective run game week and a little more through the air could at least make this game interesting.

Jake Patterson

Ole Miss wins 42-7.

The Lane Train cometh.

Carter Templeton

Ole Miss wins 35-10.

The Lane Train is about to plow through the Geoff Bus, and the results are not going to be pretty.

Jack Purdy

Ole Miss wins 45-10.