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FTRS Picks Week 3: The Chaos has Begun

Upsets galore last week, lets hope some more are on the horizon.

Appalachian State v Texas A&M Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

results from last week

Week 2 was dominated by Cliff Clavin who managed to only miss a single question (should’ve picked Liberty). The 10 out of 11 pick week also puts him in the lead for the overall results with 16 out of 22 correct picks. He is followed closely on the overall record by Philip Kaltman, Professor, and CGC’s Hotseat 15 correct picks overall for each of them. Dave G did not pick last week, so he does have the highest pick percentage with 81.8% but is now far behind on the overall correct pick count, which is what we go by here. Good job everybody and good luck this week.

This is early in the season, since I am not a spreadsheet expert if you see any issues let me know and I will try to get them corrected.

Tech fans may have mixed feelings about last week. Sure we won, but I think many hardcore fans will be disappointed that the game was so close for the early portion and the GT gave up so many yards. Both positives and negatives to be found last week.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 10 Western Carolina at Georgia Tech Photo by Austin McAfee/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

For the college football fan in general, last week was the experience we look forward to every year. UPSETS GALORE!!! App State did App State things. Notre Dame got beat down by a powerhouse Marshall team at home. Wisconsin got knocked off by a scrappy Washington State Team. Florida, Baylor, and Pitt all lost to lower ranked top 25 teams. Not to mention Bama got the scare of their life against a Longhorns team who no one saw coming. There were other lower tier upsets within the week, but it was a week where you needed a hair trigger on your remote finger.

Marshall v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Usually things cool off after a crazy week like the last one, which would be better for making picks. But lets be honest, do we watch games to see the teams make the money line? No, we watch for those big crazy games where anything can happen. Lets hope another one of those is ahead of us.

picks for this week:

#22 Ole Miss Rebels (-14.5) @ Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Logan: Ole Miss comes in with Lane Kiffin at the helm and an Offense that is averaging 470.5 yards per game. Tech’s defense will be at full strength to start the game next week, which is good because until Charlie Thomas came in (and even a little bit after) the Tech defense looked somewhere between bad and uninterested in being on the field. Ole Miss is certainly going to be more talented than Western Carolina so that isn’t something to look forward. GT will be more rested than last week, which they are going to need. I think Tech will manage to hang in this game, but it will be a stressful one to watch.

Logan’s pick: Georgia Tech covers

Florida State Seminoles (-1.5) @ Louisville Cardinals

Logan: Both of these teams have shown more fight than we are used to recently. FSU had that big win against LSU in week one, and despite looking anemic against Syracuse Louisville bounced back and beat a tough UCF team last week. If we’re going purely off talent then FSU should have this one, but Louisville has had some surprises in the past. Despite Louisville being at home I still expect FSU to win by a FG, and with the given spread that’s all they will need.

Logan’s pick: Seminoles

Cal Bears @ Notre Dame Fighting Irish (-12.5)

Logan: One of those rare times where the 0-2 team is favored over the 2-0 team. Right now all the stats and video evidence point to Cal winning this one given how ND has performed. All ND has right now is the fact that they are a more talented team. With that in mind, I gotta pick the Irish to use this game as an excuse to get some frustration out.

Logan’s pick: Fighting Irish

#22 Penn State Nittany Lions (-2.5) @ Auburn Tigers

Logan: The eternal question that burns in all college football fans minds... “How good is Auburn this year?” You can never really predict these guys, being an Auburn fan is a roller coaster ride full of joy and anguish. Given their struggles against San Jose State last week I am tempted to say they aren’t that great, but that could just be them looking ahead to playing a tougher Penn State team at home. What I can say for certain is that Penn State has played teams on the road and found the toughness to win shootouts. I’ll bet on that, so give me Penn State

Logan’s pick: Penn State

Liberty Flames @ # 19 Wake Forest Demon Deacons (-16.5)

Logan: I know I critiqued the spread for Wake last week for being to low against Vandy, but now I think their spread might be too high for them against Liberty. I know Liberty isn’t ranked but they seem to be underestimated by Vegas despite the talent they are pulling in. I don’t expect an upset, but Liberty should beat this spread.

Logan’s pick: Liberty covers

Texas Tech Red Raiders @ NC State Wolfpack (-9.5)

Logan: Another large spread game. Red Raiders certainly have the offense to stay in a game with anyone. Their match at home against Houston last week proved that. Looking at NC State, the one game they played at home was a massacre. The ECU game was rough, but it also involved plenty of the Wolfpack shooting themselves in the feet to make the game closer than it needed to be. I think the Wolfpack beat this spread and make a statement in this game about their plans for the season.

Logan’s pick: NC State covers

Mississippi State Bulldogs (-2.5) @ LSU Tigers

Logan: Mississippi State has played more teams that I would consider to be a real challenge. LSU has won the simple games they were given, but struggled hard against FSU earlier in the season. Mississippi State just seems to have what it takes to win this game, I can’t say the same for LSU.

Logan’s pick: Mississippi State wins

#12 BYU Cougars @ #25 Oregon Ducks (-3.5)

Logan: BYU keeps ending up in matchups where the lower seeded team is favored. This week the shoe is on the different foot with BYU being the higher seeded team. I guess this week I’m going to go with the spread since apparently Vegas knows better than I do who should be ranked in these situations. Also helps that the Ducks are at home, so there’s that.

Logan’s pick: Oregon

Georgia Southern Eagles @ UAB Blazers (-12)

Logan: Georgia Southern sure looked good last week against Nebraska. Good enough to get Scott Frost fired and Possibly good enough to be crowned the second best team in the state of Georgia... Well at least that’s what some people are saying. I don’t know if the Eagles will win on the road at UAB, but I think they can certainly beat the spread.

Logan’s pick: Georgia Southern covers

#11 Michigan State Spartans @ Washington Huskies (-2)

Logan: What are we doing? I got a lot of respect for the Huskies, but are we really expecting them to beat Michigan State in this game? Both teams are putting up similar numbers right now against the easy opponents they’ve played. The real question stats wise is do you trust Washington’s talented QB (Penix Jr.) against Michigan State’s solid defense; or do you trust Michigan State’s talented running back (Jalen Berger) against Washington’s talented defense. I’m going with Michigan State.

Logan’s pick: Michigan State

#13 Miami Hurricanes @ #24 Texas A&M Aggies (-6.5)

Logan: Expect a low scoring game for sure. Texas A&M has one of the best defenses in the NCAA, although I sure throw that term around a lot. Miami hasn’t played anyone so far, but they have won all their games in dominating fashion on both offense and defense. With the Aggies favored by a touchdown, I expect the matchup to be at least a closer game than that. I expect Miami to beat the spread but still lose by a FG.

Logan’s pick: Hurricanes cover