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FTRS Picks Week 1: A New Hope

New season, new hopes for all teams involved.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 27 Georgia at Georgia Tech

This week we start the standings back up from zero. For those unfamiliar we will be tracking who has the top record each week, who has the top pick percentage (in case they are unable to pick during a given week), and who has the top correct picks overall on the season. Best of luck out there.

A new season is upon us. Time to get out the team flag and hang it for all to see. Time to pray to the shrine of college football memorabilia you have in your closet. Time for all those leg days you skipped to assist you with not moving from the couch for hours and hours as the games get played on Saturday. College football is back... and it is glorious.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 25 Mayhem at MBS - North Carolina at Georgia Tech Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This week we look past the past and look towards all the possibilities the future holds. Georgia Tech hasn’t had a great past few seasons, but right now the record is 0-0 so anything is possible in the future. Let’s enjoy it, and lets get into our picks.

picks for this week:

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets v #4 Clemson Tigers (-21.5)

Logan: If you’ve payed attention to this website at all you should be well aware of the attitude around Tech football. While there is evolving talent on the roster, it is fair to say hopes for the upcoming season are not the highest. And now we have lost a home game to play at a neutral site down the road which will most certainly be filled in by opposing fans there to cheer on the #4 team in the nation. Clemson did show weakness in some matches last year, so its possible Georgia Tech will have a shot but I don’t know that will get us to a victory. I’ll say the Jackets at least cover.

Logan’s pick: Georgia Tech covers

West Virginia Mountaineers @ #17 Pittsburgh Panthers (-7)

Logan: The renewal of the backyard brawl, the first time it has been played since 2011. Pitt has the most obvious loss from last year since starting QB Kenny Pickett is no longer a part of the team. West Virginia however was a 6-7 team last year, so it is not like I’m expecting West Virginia to strike down the ACC champion from last year. Pending rivalry shenanigans, Pitt should take this one pretty easily.

Logan’s pick: Pitt

Penn State Nittany Lions (-3.5) @ Purdue Boilermakers

Logan: Penn State needs to bounce back from last season. Their record was indicative of some of the close losses they dealt with. Purdue had a good year last year, so if they win this one it could really prove something for them moving forward. Unfortunately I do expect Penn State to win this matchup by a touchdown.

Logan’s pick: Penn State

Illinois Fighting Illini @ Indiana Hoosiers (-3.5)

Logan: Speaking of new hope, Illinois is currently 1-0 and now going against an Indiana team that was 2-10 last year. Despite my biases Brett Bielma has found a way to make Illinois perform (well at least better than standard Illinois). I’m going to go with the underdog on this one and look forward to the possibility of seeing Illinois in a bowl game come winter.

Logan’s pick: Illinois

#13 NC State Wolfpack (-11) @ ECU Pirates

Logan: ECU has been building up over the past few years and is better than the pundits give them credit for. ECU getting the Wolfpack at home for the first game of the year is promising as it will take time for NC State to get things together. I expect ECU to at least cover, if they don’t find a way to pull out a win.

Logan’s pick: Pirates cover

Rutgers Scarlet Knights @ Boston College Eagles (-7)

Logan: Many people just assume the worst when they see the Rutgers name, but these teams were actually pretty close in record last year. Boston College does get this one at home and they have the better defense overall. This is a close one, but I expect BC to cover in this one.

Logan’s pick: BC

UNC Tarheels (-2) @ Appalachian State Mountaineers

Logan: Last time these teams matched up it was at Chapel Hill and App State won by a field goal. UNC is gonna be out for vengeance this year. I expect UNC to win this one, and though it will be close I still expect it to be by more than a field goal.

Logan’s pick: UNC

#11 Oregon Ducks v #3 Georgia Bulldogs (-17.5)

Logan: This hurts my soul to do, but here we go. I treated the Bulldogs poorly on this thread all of last year up until they won the championship. Now that they have won the championship I have to give credit where credit is due, so I’m going to try my best not to shortchange them this year despite how much I hate them. Bulldogs should win this one going away, despite the Ducks being ranked.

Logan’s pick: Georgia

#23 Cincinnati Bearcats @ #19 Arkansas Razorbacks (-6)

Logan: Despite how well Cincy did last year I struggle to see them winning this game against an Arkansas team which is on the rise right now. Arkansas being at home also pushes this over the touchdown mark. Arkansas should win this one and get off to a hot start on the season.

Logan’s pick: Arkansas

#7 Utah Utes (-2.5) @ Florida Gators

Logan: Utah is for real this year. It’s hard to pick against the gators in the swamp, but I fully expect Utah to cover and make this an easy win against UF.

Logan’s pick: Utah

#5 Notre Dame Fighting Irish @ #2 Ohio State Buckeyes (-17)

Logan: There’s no way that Notre Dame wins this one. Every year College football has 2 teams that stand heads and tails above every other team in college football. This year Ohio State is one of those teams. Notre Dame will keep in to 2 touchdowns, but that’s as far as my expectations go in this one.

Logan’s pick: Notre Dame covers