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Mailbag 8/3

What are your early predictions for the CFP?

2022 CFP National Championship - Georgia v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Frodo Swagginz: If there’s just one unit on each side of the ball that you think could turn the tide of the season and improve our game to game odds, what unit is it?

Ben: If somehow the offensive line improves, I think the offense improves dramatically; otherwise, I think the offense will probably be about the same level it was last year. On defense, I’m going to go with the line again. Losing Ivey and Domineck hurts in a big way, but if the DL can show some improvements, the defense should improve as well.

Carter: Hard to disagree with Ben here. Improvement in the trenches on both sides of the ball could go a long way in redefining this season.

Logan: I agree with Ben and Carter, but for arguments sake I’ll say the defensive secondary could certainly keep us in the game longer if they get more turnovers and avoid giving up explosive plays.

GT Guy: Seems that I saw a 4Star RB - Javin Simpkins committed last week. I know he was committed and then decommitted and committed again or at least I think that is what happened. Any updates on this?

Ben: He decommitted shortly after Tashard Choice left, so I’m guessing he took time to rethink things, and ultimately, it ended up working out for Tech.

Carter: Every year there’s, like, one guy — in all of college football — that decommits and then recommits to the school he decommitted from, and this year Simpkins is that guy.

Logan: yeah, that happened but he has his own reasons. I wouldn’t read into it too much.

DressHerInWhiteAndGold: Please to power rank favorite Submarine movies 2-5

“One ping only please” cause we all know #1

Ben: Uhhh.....I don’t even know what #1 is.

Jack: I knew a reference was gonna come at some point here I was too young for

Logan: so… not sure what you mean by #1 but I’ll give my top 5.

  1. hunt for red october
  2. crimson tide
  3. das boot
  4. U-571
  5. Hunter Killer

Carter: I think I can only name submarine movie other than that one, so, uh, congrats, U-571, a movie I have not actually seen.

gtbadcarma: Any way too early predictions on playoff teams? Any dark horse hopefuls/longshots you hope make it in.

Ben: Bama and UGA are probably gonna be there. As far as longshots, I’m going to say my longshot is just one SEC team.

Carter: Go ahead and lock in Alabama and Ohio State. Oklahoma State blew their chance last year, so.... maybe Penn State this year?

Logan: Bama, Ohio State, Clemson, Oregon.

GT121314: So this is the season I finally have to stop borrowing the parentals’ logins to watch football. So which streaming service do you use or recommend to watch GT or the most college football? YouTube TV, Hulu, Sling, etc.?

Ben: Why pay for cable when you can borrow your parents’ sub? Sub sharing is the way to go.

Jack: If you also are a TV snob like me, the Hulu/ESPN/Disney+ bundle is very effective. If football is the main thing you have to have, then find whatever is cheapest that gets you ESPN.

Carter: I’m still running off the YTTV/ESPN+ combo, but every so often I see an ad for Fubo, which is more sports centric, and I’m this close to seeing what that’s all about.

Logan: I would keep stealing/borrowing as long as they let you. You can get plenty of use out of it for other sports if you won’t be into CFB in the future.

Submitted via email:

Hello Rumble Seat Team,

Hope you guys are doing well this week. I am doing good aside from the heat outside, trying to avoid dealing with heat stroke.

I recently saw an article which seemed to imply Gen Z fans of college football currently prefer Michigan State over Michigan. I really don’t have a dog in that race but it does bring up an interesting concept. As time goes on perceptions of the sport and teams in the sport change. that brings me to my question, what perceptions of the sport do you expect to change going from one generation to the next.

here is the more obvious details of new fans of the sport preferring different teams and being influenced by the past decade of team records and their parents opinion on the sport. But also there is the perspective of traditions. since media is more available will less fans be interested in going to live games or participating in events around sports on campus. Does growing up with conference realignment and transfers being a regular occurrence change their opinion of those items, and what would the next controversy that the future generations of fans deal with. It’s hard to answer since we can’t see the future but I want to hear your opinions. Thanks,

Brutus Buckeye

Jack: Everything has its peaks and troughs, regardless of the timespan. There will be a time where people are just sick of Clemson/OSU/Bama/UGA winning all the time, and it will impact where players sign. I also am considering the climate change impacts coming far sooner than we are anticipating, which will make programs like Mizzou/K-State/Nebraska far more appealing because it won’t be summer 365 days a year. So many factors impact things like this, so it’s not an exact science to say what specific perceptions will change.

Logan: I’ll say that one of the main changes will be that certain traditions will be added that are more visual to the tv market as certain other traditions fall away. I think we forget how many traditions are relatively recent. VT’s enter sandman (which some people consider one of the best cfb intros) is relatively recent and doesn’t have much of a backstory. Expect more new traditions to pop up and replace old ones in the future to get the tv fans more involved.