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2022 Volleyball Gold/White Recap

Three Thoughts

GEORGIA TECH, ATLANTA — Tech sports are here! It took all of a super, super long couple months that actually were pretty fast (literally, the earth spun faster some time ago). Today featured the Volleyball White/Gold scrimmage game (even though the Gold team wore blue) with the entire listed roster playing at least three sets. O’Keefe Gymnasium was about one half to three-quarters full as the game was free to attend.

Head Coach Michelle Collier had the roster rotating every set, giving everyone a chance to play with everyone. With how infrequently Collier expanded the game rotations, this all but definitely will be the most rotation we intentionally see all season.

Three main takeaways from the scrimmage:

  • Julia Bergmann is still on another level

While she didn’t need to murder every ball that came at her today, it was clear she is still the standout on this team. She’s a serious weapon going for a kill, she can put returns to the setters very well, and has the size to cover a lot of territory in the backcourt. Only flashes were needed during play today to show that was the case. Tech is in fantastic hands with her at the lead.

  • Tamara Otene best of transfers

If you had asked me before the game, I would’ve told you UCF transfer Tali Marmen was going to be the player to watch of the newbies, but the scrimmage said otherwise. Otene played solidly the whole time and was of the most effective outside hitters with both hard spikes and quick read winners.

  • It was a practice game, the real stuff comes soon

If you were there and are also reading this, it was clear the team was not up to mid-season form and that shouldn’t be expected. There were many net violations every set. But, every team has to get back into the groove, and this team both has to get into physical gameplay form, and then add classes back on top of it. That said, it will be important to be on top of their game with a highly-talented schedule to start the season.

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