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The Honeycomb Pattern Lives!

New Volleyball uniforms include the honeycomb pattern last seen on the FB helmets

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

While not a formal introduction as football did with their new uniform set, the 2022 Volleyball uniforms were unveiled to the team as shown in a video released by the team’s Twitter yesterday.

What We Have Here


We haven’t seen the honeycomb design in this prominent a location on any Tech uniform since football’s white honeycomb helmet (which they say is still not coming back), making it the most notable striping pattern on campus that isn’t baseball’s pinstripes.

Both the blue and white jerseys have a gradient gold honeycomb pattern stretching from a couple inches under the number (front facing) all the way to the bottom of the shirt. The shorts (blue/gold) are solid with the interlocking GT logo on the right leg for the blue and left leg for the gold.

Bianca Bertolino (#5) and Julia Bergmann (#17)
Screengrab from @GTVolleyball on Twitter

With the darker base that the blue uniform has, the gold in the honeycomb and collar pop far more than on the white uniform. The font and number style are consistent with Tech’s lettering style across its primary uniforms, adding the gold background to the Georgia Tech lettering. The arm sleeves also come in the honeycomb gradient pattern, which honestly is very much reminding me of Spider-Man. Not a bad superhero to try and athletically replicate on the court!

Isabella D’Amico
Screengrab from @GTVolleyball on Twitter

The shorts paired with the white uniform switch to gold from blue for this season. The lettering also switches to gold with a blue background. I’m a little bit of a sucker for everything Tech wears that’s just white and gold, so I’m liking this a lot better than the blue set, even with the blue numbering. While hard to see, the white sleeves here also have the gradient honeycomb like the blue sleeves.

Actual Thoughts

These are a step up for me compared to last year’s set, which was very middle-of-the-road, no gimmmicks or anything. I love how these are at least trying something new and will be very identifiable on campus. Tech is one of the few schools that can pull off the honeycomb pattern, so seeing it be actively used by one of our most prominent teams is a good thing in my book.

While it is a step up, I wouldn’t call this a flawless design. Gradient is very hard to pull off well and while I applaud the effort here, I would not have gone with this version. Maybe just on the sleeves, but not as it is here. It feels like too much like a PowerPoint transition on the shirts.

Now, will I end up liking these much more as we see them used in-game? Very likely. I am sure I will miss this design once it gets phased out. It’s a fun design that gives an additional flavor to the games. I’m curious how visible the white/gold honeycomb will be in O’Keefe, which is a thing we can maybe find out on Sunday at their intrasquad scrimmage (4pm start for those wanting to go).

More volleyball content is coming next week on Scions of the Southland with our season preview episode featuring a guest closely related to the team, and possibly some writing on top of that.

Go Jackets!