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Georgia Tech Football: Position Previews- Wide Receiver

Does the next great Georgia Tech wide receiver arrive on the scene in 2022?

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Clemson Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

The search for the next great Georgia Tech Wide Receiver stretches into 2022; will this be the year that a dynamic threat emerges? Today, we will preview the outside receivers, and a focus on the guys expected to play the slot will be here later this week.

Looking Back

First, let’s take a look at the productivity and effectiveness of Georgia Tech’s outside receivers in 2021 (including newly arrived transfer EJ Jenkins, who projects to play mostly outside receiver but also some tight end).

2021 Receiving Statistics

Name Games Receptions Receiving Yds YPC Receiving TDs
Name Games Receptions Receiving Yds YPC Receiving TDs
Malachi Carter 10 37 489 13.2 2
Kyric McGowan 10 37 467 12.6 7
Adonicas Sanders 9 29 362 12.5 3
Kalani Norris 6 8 134 16.8 2
Ryan King 3 1 7 7 0
EJ Jenkins 12 8 117 14.6 1

2021 Receiving PFF Grades

Name Snaps Overall Grade Receiving Grade Blocking Grade
Name Snaps Overall Grade Receiving Grade Blocking Grade
Adonicas Sanders 464 69.7 70.4 54.7
Avery Boyd 16 67.4 66.6 60.1
Kyric McGowan 557 66.5 67.6 62.8
Malachi Carter 679 65.1 65.7 54.3
Kalani Norris 265 61 61 56.4
Ryan King 49 54.4 53.8 61.9
EJ Jenkins (South Carolina) 291 55.9 56 53.2

Who’s Gone?

Unfortunately, PFF’s two favorite GT receivers from last year are gone.

Kyric McGowan - The Northwestern transfer didn’t post quite the productivity we expected, but he was certainly Georgia Tech’s most consistent and reliable receiving threat last year. Now, he’s hard at work trying to make the Washington Commanders roster.

Adonicas Sanders - The senior made the game winning play against Duke and continued to deepen his impact over the second half of the year. He’ll be playing his COVID year at Temple.

Who’s Back?

Malachi Carter - 6’3”, 195 lbs., Super Senior

Kalani Norris - 6’0”, 162 lbs., Junior

Ryan King - 63”, 217 lbs., Sophomore

Avery Boyd - 6’2”, 212 lbs., Sophomore

Fresh Faces

DJ Moore - 6’1”, 190 lbs., Freshman

Jullian Lewis - 6’2”, 205 lbs., Freshman

Leo Blackburn - 6’5”, 212 lbs., R-Freshman

James BlackStrain - 6’2”, 175 lbs., R-Freshman

EJ Jenkins - 6’7”, 243 lbs., Super Senior, South Carolina Transfer


This position, along with offensive line, may be the one most dependent on the fresh faces this season. Two of last year’s three most productive players are gone. The proven production on the outside we were hoping to find in the portal did not materialize. Unfortunately, we have enough evidence from the returners that none of them are likely to be a dynamic outside threat. Let’s peer into our crystal ball and try to anticipate what we will see from this group in 2022.

2022 Receiving Outlook

Name 2022 Outlook Statistical Projection
Name 2022 Outlook Statistical Projection
Malachi Carter The veteran will continue to receive starting reps. 35-450-3
Kalani Norris The junior will try to build on the expanded role he had towards the end of last season. 20-288-2
Ryan King The sophomore will mostly be a backup and special teams player. 7-84-0
Avery Boyd Boyd will continue to battle back from two injury plagues season and try to earn a regular rotation spot. 5-92-0
Leo Blackburn We’ve gone on record with our belief that Leo Blackburn is the most likely to break out into that guy in 2022. 50-800-7
James BlackStrain The redshirt freshman will get a chance to parlay spring success into fall playing time. 12-180-1
EJ Jenkins The transfer will split reps between X receiver and Tight End as a primary backup. 15-200-1
DJ Moore The freshman impressed in the Spring and will get a chance to play. 12-150-1
Jullian Lewis Redshirt 2-24-0

The receiving corps will look quite different this fall, and there will be a lot of pressure on some younger guys to step up into the most effective guys in this room. Of course, the QB and OL play will dictate some of the production that happens on the outside, but GT just has to have at least one player step up into a threat that hasn’t existed over the past 5 years. Is this the year we finally see it?