The ACC must be the aggressor to avoid irrelevancy

Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

Lets say you were a 4 letter tv network and you wanted coast to coast college football tv slots filled without having to constantly keep rebidding for content at higher and higher costs. Wouldn't it make sense to tie all your desired content into a property that was all ready locked down at a favorable rate. I am ofcourse talking about adding teams to the ACC.

Why create a loose partnership, when you can pick the best of the rest and lock them into the ACC GOR. The ACC could add 2 divisions of 7 teams to reach 28 teams The conference could then divide into 4 divisions, fill all timezones, and teams could play in division for a 4 team conference playoff.

East (Coastal): Cuse, Pitt, BC, UVA, UNC, VT, NCSt

South (Atlantic): Miami, FSU, GT, Clem, Wake, Duke, Lville

SouthWest: Baylor, TCU, Kansas, Texas Tech, Ok State, Houston, SMU

West: Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Cal, Stanford, Arizona State

My selections were based on not leaving enough universities to creat a viable alternative to this expanded ACC. I am sure others might debate my selections for the Southwest.

ESPN can now no bid the B12 and P12(10). ESPN can also likely get UT and Oklahoma into the SEC earlier. ESPN can likely re-up the ACC ND deal to include the new teams, and get an additional game or 2 a year from ND. It also allows ND to maintain thier independence and not be forced into the B1G. It would hold together till the end of the ACC GOR which maybe you as ESPN extend.

The regular season could be tailored for TV. Weeks 1 through 9 could be divisional play with OOC and ND games sprinkled in, week 10 could be a conference playoff semi-final/bracket buster week where the top cedes in the East and South matchup and the top cede out of the West and Southwest match up. That same week you would repeat this with 2nd through 7th ceded teams. Divisions could take turns hosting for example maybe in even years East and West host and in odd years Southwest and South host the semifinals/bracket buster. Final two weeks could be a permanent or rotation cross divisional game (the choice of the schools/TV) and/or an OCC rivalry game.

You now have compelling matchups, in season semifinals with stakes, tight regional rivalries, preserve ND independence, make ESPN alot of money, and you keep a large swath of the p5 from relegation. All of that accomplished in only an 8 game conference schedule

Oregon, Washington, Arizona State and Kansas could keep playing little brothers OCC. Same with the ACC-SEC rivalries. Even Oklahoma State could play Oklahoma if Oklahoma is willing to play them.

I legitimately think this is the only way you can salvage the rest of the sport from the ever expanding super leagues. Creating a best of the rest league that can replenish itself and not be cut out of the postseason/ national championship hunt is likely the only hope. It can only be done under the ACC GOR.

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