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Mailbag 6/15

Should the Fridge be honored at Grant Field?

Florida State at Maryland Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Refresh our memory on how GC’s buyout works—that is, at what dates over the next, say, 3 years the buyout drops. - jabsterjacket

Ben: Collins is owed the full amount of his contract through the first four years. After that, he is owed $2.4 million for each remaining season. So if he gets fired now, he’s owed the remainder of his contract in its entirety. After this season, his buyout is $7.2 million. The next season, it would drop to $4.8 million. More info here: LINK

Carter: This guy researches. I don’t, but I am fairly certain the cutoff date is some time in mid-December and not the day after the season ends, so keep that in mind.

Logan: I refuse to look into anything I write about, so I’m just gonna say the buyout is ridiculous and we should pay it anyway.

Follow up to this question, what do you think a contract extension will look like? - Notwima13

Ben: No raise in salary and reduced buyout.

Chris: No raise, fewer years.

Logan: based on previous financial decisions by our program I expect us to double the pay and triple the buyout.

Robert: A contract extension? It will look bad.

If the Fridge gets in the CFB HOF, should he be honored in Grant Field? - jabsterjacket

Ben: He was only ever an offensive coordinator/QB coach at Georgia Tech, so I don’t know that the case is there. I know a lot of Tech folks are super high on him, but I don’t think that means he would be honored at Grant Field.

Carter: I’m good with it. He burned his Maryland diploma, didn’t he?

Logan: umm… I don’t think it would be the best way to honor his legacy, but if he wanted to be honored at Grant Field I’d be all about it.

Jake: I think the right people with nostalgia and money and influence would really like it, which, well, that’s why I don’t rule it out.

What aspect of this upcoming has you most excited, what are you most nervous for? - Notwima13

Ben: I am very excited to see how the QB battle shakes out. I am very nervous to see how the OL shakes out.

Chris: Same as Ben probably - our success is likely going to hinge on those two things. I’ll add that I’m also eager to see what our new offense looks like as a whole.

Logan: I’m excited to see if our D-line can get some sacks. I’m nervous about the start of the season against Clemson. Yeah

Jake: I think a new scheme will be nice to see. As for nerves, I think the uncertainty of all the questions around the future has me the most on edge.

Robert: In some offseason fiddling around with numbers, one thing that has jumped out to me is just how impactful of a runner Jeff Sims has been. Assuming he holds onto the job, I’m excited to see if the offense can fully deploy that aspect of his game. I’m most nervous that we stumble into five wins, and the administration decides that is acceptable progress.

Jack: I am excited for the possibiliy of completed passes. I’m not letting myself get burned on the false hope I had after UNC last year. Outside of football though, I cannot wait to see GTWBB maybe become a slash and kick team with Hermosa and Swartz. Nell’s 2nd chapter at GT begins this season post-Bates/Cubaj/Lahtinen/Fletcher.

@Notwima13 is right, recruiting has picked up. I saw where we went from low 70s to mid 30s over the last weekend. What are your thoughts on the pickups? - CTjacket

Ben: I think it’s more quantity adds than quality. People ate CPJ alive for getting nothing but low-to-mid-three stars. Now that’s what Collins is doing. That’s great that he’s able to get players committed with the writing on the wall like it is, but the class is only as highly ranked as it is because of the number of players. Rivals has one member of the class as better than a mid-three star. That isn’t going to win you games in today’s college football.

Carter: Talking up recruiting class rankings in June is a special level of damaged. We are a long, long way from signing day. Anyone praising Collins for doing something they excoriated Johnson for is getting the stink eye from me.

Chris: Yeah, it is way too early to be looking at that stuff. Texas Tech is #2, Louisville is #10, and Alabama is #42 right now. Nothing matters in recruiting until all the pieces have fallen into place. The players so far are fine, but we don’t exactly have a great track record right now for developing talent so I’m not particularly jazzed.

Logan: any pickups to help the team are pickups I’m excited about. We won’t end up ranked as high as we are now, but I like to see an effort made in getting more recruits. I’m not gonna poo poo it, let’s get more talent.

What are the thoughts on the basketball coaching hire & promotion? - CTjacket

Carter: Dunno I have much thoughts. Harvard did pretty decent while Eskildsen was there so that could be good. Eric Reveno left some pretty big shoes to fill but Josh Pastner seems to think Wilkins can fill them, so we’ll see.

Jake: I like Tommy Amaker’s program a lot, so hiring from it seems like a good move, and I think Wilkins is a standup guy, so I think both of these alright. At the very least, I don’t not like them!

Are we going with a hurry up offense this year? If so, do you think that is a good idea with the state of our defense, offensive line and quarterback?

Ben: I think you will still see some tempo, but it will almost certainly not be exclusively tempo. It will probably depend on how much of a rhythm the offense can get into.

Ben: I haven’t had time to really dive into all of them since so many came all at once, but I know that several of them are offensive or defensive linemen, which is always nice to see. Those are two of the weakest position groups, so any help we can get there is great.

Carter: My lawyer has advised me not to answer this question.

Carter: ....all of them? But DL, especially.

Robert: I think you’ll see several secondary pieces added to the class, likely headlined by Quentin Ajiero.

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the short question this week. Pretty busy with things right now. In honor of the current Braves win streak (hopefully it has continued since the article posted) what was your favorite streak that you have been alive for? Could be a win streak, hit streak, games played streak... whatever you want. Let me know.

Later guys,

The Enigma

Ben: The one that always comes to mind for me is Dan Uggla’s 33-game hit streak. I always loved how bizarre and unlikely it was.

Carter: I remember seeing people streaking at the very late end of a college party once upon a time, so probably that one. Or the Undertaker’s WrestleMania winning streak. Still think having him lose to Brock Lesnar was the wrong call.

Logan: I’ve been on a wordle streak for 59 days… feel pretty good about that.

Jack: Undoubtedly the Hawks undefeated January 2015. I was at the 76ers game which ended up being the last win of the 19-game streak. The whole starting five of Bazemore/Millsap/Teague/Korver/Horford was named Eastern Conference Player of the Month, and then all but Bazemore made the All-Star Game with Coach Bud at the helm for the East. Truly one of the best times to be a Hawks fan pre-Trae.