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Mailbag 6/1

Who is your favorite team outside of Georgia Tech?

Central Florida v South Carolina Photo by Todd Bennett/GettyImages

Some projected brackets predicted Tech and/or the dwags being sent to Statesboro as a 2 seed, which seems like a natural. There’s also Kennesaw, who won their conference tournament and is a 3 seed. I’m surprised the committee didn’t go for some or all of that, just for the ticket sales. Any thoughts? - Bill Brockman

Carter: The committee tries to keep regionals.... well, regional, but that’s it. They’re seeding on strength, not matchups. They’re not bowl committees.

Jake: For all the “seeding on strength” talk, the decisions of the committee are clouded and often somewhat inconsistent year-over-year on what they choose to match up. It seems to make a lot of sense, I agree, but I don’t think ticket sales per se would have been a driving factor. Keeping things regional/natural? Sure, and I think ticket sales are a side effect of that, particularly if it makes things more accessible for fans to get to due to proximity. I also think it is fair to say that several parties involved (Tech and Notre Dame in particular) deserved better than what they got out of the murky and unclear process that produced the reality of the bracket unveiled Monday.

Logan: Maybe it made too much sense...

What is most likely: 1. Tech baseball advances to the CWS, 2. Tech baseball advances to the super regional and loses to the Statesboro winner, 3. Tech baseball is eliminated in the regional championship or 4. Tech baseball loses 2 of their first 3 games and goes home relatively quickly? - sportsfan4life2012

Carter: In order: 3, 4, 2, 1. Danny Hall & co. are more than welcome to prove me wrong.

Jake: I would say 3, 4, 1, 2. I think if Tech gets through Tennessee, they would definitely face a more straightforward task in the super regional.

Logan: hmm... 4, 2, 3, 1. I think if we make it to the final we should at least get through once, but after that we get knocked out. It is more likely we just lose 2 of 3 though.

Jack: 4, 3, 2, 1. Campbell’s starter, Thomas Harrington, is real good. Only allowed 1 home run all season. No matter what, we’re running into insane pitching between him and all of Tennesee’s crew. I’ll be shocked if we get out of this weekend.

Buy or Sell

Ascendant to the Golden Lion Throne, Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe…

Christopher Walken?

(Can he walk without rhythm or will he attract the worm??) - DressHerInWhiteAndGold


Chris: I’m low key very interested in this casting choice. Is he gonna play it like Christopher Walken or will he be a little more “traditionally” dramatic?

Andrew: I’m leery of the Walken casting. I did see a preview for the Elvis movie, and I’m interested in Austin Butler as Feyd-Rautha. It will be interesting to see how the climatic scene is handled. I also think the further you get into the Dune series, the harder it becomes to make a movie. I can’t imagine how you would make a movie version of God Emperor of Dune. I have a lot of Dune hot takes.

Ben: I don’t know much about Dune outside of the movie that came out last year (never read the books or saw the other movies), but I like Christopher Walken, so we’ll see what happens.

Logan: There is something weirdly commanding about Walken when he takes a role. His cadence and presence tends to catch people off guard, while also commanding respect. I could see it working, definitely not who I imagined while reading the books though.

I believe I posted this question before, but a little more speculation never hurt anyone.

Who do y’all see as the most realistic replacement for Geoff Collins? I think I talked about Mike Houston before and although I would love to have someone with a little more experience and a proven track record for winning in the FBS, I also understand that’s a lot to ask for. - Frodo Swagginz

Carter: If I’m being realistic, I’m thinking this might finally be the year the big money Georgia Tech boosters get the guy they’ve always wanted. Yes, I am talking about Ken Whisenhunt. No, I don’t like it.

Chris: Off the top of my head I can’t think of a specific name, but the general vibe I’d guess would probably be “P5 coordinator you’ve never heard of”.

Jake: Chris, if that was the result, I would honestly take it. You never know what an innovative but lesser known P5 coordinator has as a ceiling. I would take a flyer on one, at least.

Ben: I would prefer a lower level FCS or G5 coach who has some experience building up a program, developing the players that are on that team. Realistically, either Carter or Chris will be right.

Andrew: Who do I want? Mike Houston or Jamey Chadwell. Who will we hire? Someone else.

Logan: No idea... Hopefully someone who will win 6 games a year.

Hey guys,

Don’t have a lot of time to talk this week. On the run from the mob... they’re trying to take my thumbs.

Question this week. Who is your favorite team outside of GT, and what makes you a fan of that program? Side question, have you regretted being a fan of that program because of their recent decisions or have their decisions made you more of a fan. Later,

Alexius Colemenus (submitted via email)

Carter: Outside of Georgia Tech, my favorite college football team is LSU, and have y’all seen what kind of mess they’ve gotten into in Baton Rouge since winning a championship?

Chris: My wife’s family are big Gamecock fans so I’d probably go with them (and sneak peak: one of their games may or may not be the Fansville Field Trip this year).

Jack: I grew up an Auburn fan because of my dad, and then going to Tech thankfully meant I had no conflicting rooting interests because Tech hates everyone that Auburn hates too. I got Cam’s national title as a kid, so absolutely no regrets. It also meant I got a head start on dealing with Athens Community College fans in a direct rivalry setting.

Jake: Well, if we are talking professional teams for pure favorites, I would say the Chicago Cubs and Blackhawks. The Cubs are a led by a hypocrite wringing every red cent out of loyal fans, while the Blackhawks are currently the most morally bankrupt franchise in all of sports, so it is not a great time to be associated with them, to put it mildly. I guess it is time to revitalize my childhood love for the Chicago Wolves, who are in the AHL Western Conference Finals. In college athletics, this might be an odd take, but the football-less Bradley Braves are my favorite team other than Tech, due to how much my dad, a Bradley alum, and I went to basketball games when I was a kid.

Ben: My father-in-law is a South Carolina fan, but I watch college football about like he does: just kind of flipping through games, not really rooting for any one team (outside of Georgia Tech).

Andrew: My wife and her entire family are UNC graduates. I tend to root for the Heels, especially in sports Tech doesn’t have. I’m also a big soccer fan, mostly Tottenham, but I’m trying to expand and watch more leagues. I mostly follow the teams that have US players on them.

Logan: Pretty much everyone in my close and extended family went to the University of Alabama. It’s nice to have a team that wins to cheer for. That said I am always impressed with the things Bama fans find to complain about given how well the program is doing in general.