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Mailbag 4/7

What’s the most spoiled fanbase in college sports?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 03 Alabama at LSU Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Should I laugh that Coach K lost his last game to UNC? Is that wrong or am I supposed to feel sorry for him? (Last home game to them too)

- ramblin gooner

Carter: Honestly, do what you want. Coach K will just wipe his tears with his five championship trophies. You can hate the man and what he turned Duke into (and maybe you should), but you can’t deny he’s all-timer when it comes to success in men’s basketball.

Logan: Normally I say you shouldn’t find these kind of things amusing, but I am on your side. Coach K has had enough success he can have this down note on his end of career resume. If your a UNC fan (or an anti-Duke fan) feel free to revel in his loss.

Jake: I would be a hypocrite to not say that you are just fine to find it amusing, because I have been reveling in it lately.

Ben: I’m with Carter—do what you want. I’m not the boss of you. Coach K will be absolutely fine.

Thursday choice?

1. Opening day, any stadium or,

2. 1st Round Mahstahs Tunamint

- DressHerInWhiteAndGold

Carter: I have never been much of a golf person and my baseball fandom is still irrevocably damaged after the 2011 World Series. That said, I’ll go with option 2, and I’ll pick Safeco Field.

[puts finger to earpiece]

Apparently it’s actually called T-Mobile Park now, which just further illustrates my earlier point.

Logan: Master’s, but only because I’ve never been. Generally I’m more of a baseball person and I do still want to visit all the stadiums, but there’s something magical about the Augusta National grounds. I do hope to get to the tournament one day.

Jake: I would give a large sum of money to have been free to get to Wrigley Field for opening weekend. That was basically a thing my dad and I did annually when I was growing up, and it was always such a special weekend, especially when the Cubs were terrible. If they won Opening Day, that next day was for many years the only time that you would be able to see the Cubs flag on top of the pole over the scoreboard, which, for the uninitiated, reflect the NL division standings.

Ben: I’m recovering from vacation and am not watching either one.

Ummm… Do we have 0 basketball recruits right now? Should we be worried?

- HelluvaBuzz

Carter: Yes, Georgia Tech men’s basketball did not sign any recruits this class, but with rosters the size they are in basketball that’s more common than you might think. As for your second question, possibly? Josh Pastner needs to start thinking with portals, for sure.

Logan: There’s plenty of other things to be worried about with our sports programs... sure why not add this to the list. I think we’ll be fine, Pastner has made a good habit of acquiring transfers and the off season is long. You can worry if you want but I don’t think it is near the top of my concerns for the program right now.

Jake: I feel like our freshmen last year were very solid and a large class. The staff already stated they were going to work the portal, so this seems not too different than my expectation

I noticed on the TwitterMachine (thanks, Howard Bender) that CGC had been absent from there for awhile and recently resurfaced. Anything going on we need to be concerned about?

- Partywaggin

Carter: Geoff Collins’ last tweet is a retweet from September 4, 2021 — the day of the football game vs. NIU. The last tweet Collins posted himself is from August 24. That’s more than seven months ago, and while such an online coaching staff going radio silent for so long signals nothing positive, I have enjoyed the silence. The only activity on that account has been new profile and cover images, and yes, I hate that I know that.

Additionally, Geoff Collins’ shoe account has not tweeted since August 27, 2021. Nothing of value was lost.

Logan: I stay away from twitter so I have no idea.

Jake: Huh, I suppose that is why my blood pressure has been lower these past few months.

Ben: I hadn’t noticed.

Hey guys,

Hope y’all are having a good week. We just had March Madness wrap up and now we have Braves baseball and NBA playoffs to look forward to, so things seem to be going pretty good.

We had another game against famous blue blood programs in our NCAA Basketball championship. It was a weird one given the huge comeback swing by Kansas, gotta imagine the UNC fans aren’t super thrilled about how that played out. It’s hard to feel sorry for UNC though given their consistent success at basketball.

This brings me to my question. We tend to see the same teams showing up in football playoffs and basketball playoffs... it just seems like certain fanbases can assume their programs will make it to a certain stage. My question this week is who do you think is the most spoiled fanbase in college sports, and why is it Alabama? If that one is too obvious feel free to tell me about a different fanbase who is seriously spoiled that we don’t always think about. Have a good one y’all.

Richie Rich (submitted by email)

Carter: In, like, all of college sports? Because if you’re willing to look past FBS, it’s probably North Dakota State, who’s won nine of the past eleven FCS championships. The Bison are on their third coach during this period (because their coaches keep getting hired for FBS jobs), so folks shouldn’t expect to see that slow down anytime soon, either. I could go down further and talk about Mount Union in D-III, but y’all aren’t ready for that talk. Now, if you want to talk fanbases that feel entitled to success without having any recent success to speak of, what’s up, Miami Hurricanes?

Logan: It’s definitely Alabama and it’s not particularly close. It’s hard for people to imagine given how long Saban has been dominating for, but I think one day we’ll look back at this period of time as by far the most dominant run by a sports program and coach in the history of not only college sports but sports in general. Saban’s success not only made the University of Alabama entitled to championships, but basically the entirety of the SEC as teams have struggled to catch up to his success.

If you want to look at a low key program... I guess Ohio State would be the next program I think of that has consistent success in all their sports. Hard to say how the fans feel precisely since it hasn’t led to as many championships in the big time sports but I think that the Buckeyes have a program that expects success and will have their teams deliver on a regular basis.

Special shoutout to a program that has entitled fans but never seems to see success, what’s up Longhorns fans?

Jake: I think this is a great question, and I will also shout out the NHL playoffs beginning really soon. Those are, in my humble and biased opinion, even better than the NBA playoffs. In terms of a spoiled fan base, the Dodgers might be getting up close to that, but the basketball blue blood Final Four expectation is pretty strong. I recall talking to a UNC fan a year or two ago when they were devastated and on the bubble and having to remind them that not only did they have multiple championship game appearances while we were on college age, but they had also won one. At the time, Tech had not yet been to the tournament in men’s or women’s basketball. So, yeah, that was pretty annoying. Otherwise, the Pittsburgh Penguins come to mind. Three cups in two different spurts over a decade and a half has set their continuity meter way too high. At least for my beloved Blackhawks we’ve had a few years to reset expectations.

Ben: Bama is definitely near the top, but I would also say fans of UConn Women’s Basketball are pretty spoiled.