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Mailbag 4/27

What’s your favorite GT Draft Story?

2007 NFL Draft - April 28, 2007 Photo by Richard Schultz/NFLPhotoLibrary

What is your favorite draft memory? - Notwima13

Ben: Most memorable for me is either the Falcons taking Matt Ryan or trading up for Julio Jones. The excitement around the Jones trade was a lot of fun.

Logan: I’m not as obsessed with the draft as some people seem to be. Matt Ryan being picked is the only memory I have of a 1st pick QB having an immediate impact on a franchise and bringing in a golden era for the team. I’m sure there are other examples, but that was the one that stood out to me.

What is your favorite GT draft story?

Ben: I don’t have a specific story, but I remember following several players when they got drafted, like Michael Johnson to the Bengals, Derrick Morgan to the Titans, PHIII to the Steelers, etc.

Austin: Butker getting drafted and cut by the Panthers and then nailing the game winner in his first career game with the Chiefs was poetic justice so I’ll go with him.

Also Stephen Hill went in the 2nd Round to the Jets!

Logan: Derrick Favors getting picked in the 3rd spot by the Nets. I liked Favors at Tech and wanted to see him go early, glad that he got picked early on.

Would you want a GT draft prospect on your favorite NFL team?

Ben: If they were a good fit, absolutely! I remember back in 2007 when I wanted the Falcons to trade Michael Vick (before everything) to the Raiders for the first overall pick so they could take Calvin Johnson. Could you imagine the Falcons with Megatron and Matt Schaub? I would be down for that.

Austin: Tariq Carpenter after the position change. It always amazed me how Tariq played safety as big as he was, and his skillset projects well for success as a linebacker in today’s NFL.

Logan: Do we have any draft prospects this year? Kidding... sort of. I do want to see Quez Jackson get drafted. I think Quez has the potential to do well in the NFL. I’m not sure Quez matches the physicality of other players at the position, but he has the smarts and the drive to do well at LB.

Hey Y’all

Hope everything is going well today. I’m trying to bounce back at work after a long vacation to Asheville. It was a great time, highly recommend taking your significant other out there if you get a chance.

My question is tied to Jose Alvarado. In the playoffs Alvarado has done a great job making a name for himself as an undrafted player. This won’t come as a surprise to GT fans, but fans not familiar with GT basketball were probably caught off guard by Alvarado’s play on the court.

My question this week is what other GT players have had the most surprising impact on teams (from the perspective of those not familiar with GT sports)? Obviously everyone expected Megatron to be fantastic, but on the other side of things Harrison Butker must have been a pleasant surprise to the KC fanbase. We can also talk about athletes who fly under the radar in other sports like tennis, golf, or swimming. Let me know your thoughts. Y’all have a good week.

Jerry West

Ben: I think Butker is the best example. He got picked up by the Panthers, and they decided to keep a worse kicker. He subsequently went to Kansas City and became arguably the best kicker in the NFL. Sucks to suck, Carolina.

Logan: I think Butker is a great recent example. Butker gets drafted, by a team that now needs a good kicker now btw, and then picked up by the Chiefs and has done an amazing job for them in a city where weather can have a major impact on kicking. Big fan of what Butker has achieved.

Austin: Mixed emotions I say Shaq Mason. I knew he would be a productive lineman in the NFL, but his impact for the Patriots was key to them sustaining the dynasty a bit longer and grinding out 3 more SBs and 2 rings.

Carter: Darren Waller’s name could use some love here. WR2 on a Paul Johnson team, drafted in the sixth round, was suspended an entire season for substance abuse issues, got clean, came back, changed positions, and became a Pro Bowl tight end. You could write a movie about his life.