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Georgia Tech Baseball: Bees-Ball Weekly Recap, Sometimes You Get D##ked On

Not my favorite weekend series

I’m not even gonna pretend to play this up. This was a crappy end to a week that had so much promise. Duke was the worst team in the ACC and they managed to take a series from GT. Sure it was close, but that shouldn’t bring you solace. We needed to win this weekend series... and the Jackets fell just shy at the end of the weekend. Lets get into it.

April 19th: Georgia Tech demolishes Mercer, 15-2

This was unexpected. We talked about it last week, but Mercer is a darn good team. To see the Jackets take the bears down faster than animal control was quite satisfying. As always, I can talk about everyone on the hitting side of things, but this game was about pitching to me. Aeden Finateri had some struggles in the second inning but was able to keep things under control. From there John Medich, Josephy Mannelly, Luke Bartnicki, and Camron Hill shut down the Mercer offense. John had 6 strike outs over 3 innings which was additionally impressive. Good stuff.

April 22nd: Drew Compton Sends the Fans Home Happy with a Walkoff,
GT wins 12-11 in 10 innings

This was a messy games on all sides. Plenty of runs given up early on both sides, which led to a back and forth struggle down the stretch. It was a stressful game to watch if you were a GT fan as we spent most of the game behind in the steeple chase.

There were 2 heros in this game. One I have already made note of in the game header. Drew Compton hit a grandslam in the 7th to help keep the Jackets in the game and also hit the walk off single to win the game. Zach Maxwell also had a stellar game as he kept the Duke run box empty for the last 3 innings of the game. Zach also had 5 strikeouts in the game.

April 23rd: Jackets Can’t Hang with Dook, Duke wins 8-4

John Medich had a great start... and that’s the most positive thing I can say on the game. Tech batters struggled with runners in scoring position. Only 7 hits were accumulated for the Jackets throughout the game. The Relief pitchers gave up 8 runs in the last 4 innings of the game. It was just a rough showing all around.

April 24th: Jackets fall short in the series, Dook takes in 15-14

Um... I don’t have much to say. GT had a chance at a comeback and fell short... yeah, but you shouldn’t be giving up 19 hits to one of the worst teams in the conference. This was a frustrating game to watch and it puts me in a bad mood thinking about it... If you’re a GT fan then this one is going to sit in your craw for a while.

Weekly Wrap-up

I’m trying my best to stay positive. GT did well against Mercer, which was the better team they were facing this week. Following that GT had 3 outings where Dook showed GT doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near the top 25. This wasn’t a single bad game, this was a terrible series that GT was lucky to scrape a single win out of.

To be clear, I do think the Jackets will get back to their winning ways... but man this one hurt my soul. I am just so disappointed. Good news is we have another 13 games in the regular season before the ACC championship to figure things out.

This week GT will face the Troy Trojans in a Tuesday night game at home and then get a weekend series against the Miami Hurricanes. Miami is currently the best team in the ACC with a 31-9 record on the season. This week hurt, but if the Jackets can take a series against the Canes it could go a long way towards righting the ship. I want to believe in this team, lets get them some support and help our players take the next step. be sure to tune in this weekend for some good baseball. As always, Go Jackets!