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Gardner-Webb Guard Lance Terry Transfers To Georgia Tech

The Sharpshooter Will Look To Play Immediately

NCAA Basketball: Gardner-Webb at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Today Gardner-Webb guard Lance Terry announced that he will be transferring to the Yellow Jackets. Over his three years at Gardner-Webb he’s continued to expand his role and improve his stats culminating in his junior season averaging 14.3 points on 46% shooting. The 6’2” guard has two years of eligibility remaining. He is from College Park so is returning home to Atlanta.

I’m going to start this section with a caveat that I haven’t seen Lance Terry play a full game or anything. However, from stats and highlights it looks like his best asset is his 3 point shooting. Over the last two seasons about half of his shots have been from deep and he makes a good amount of them. Last season he shot 35% on over 5 attempts per game and in a shortened 2020-21 he shot 44%. He plays shooting guard pretty much exclusively so don’t expect him to be leading the offense. Terry started to play more off the dribble last year, and if the highlights are any indication he mostly drives after using a pumpfake to get a defender in the air. It’s impossible to get a good indication of his defense from highlights and stats, so I won’t say much about that. The only thing I noticed is that he’s a bit undersized as an ACC 2-guard.

I expect Terry to get some playtime right away, but based on what I’ve seen so far he’ll probably come off the bench. His shooting will be vital to a team that doesn’t have much right now. I do think the jump in competition will hurt him a little bit, but 3-point shooting tends to translate pretty well to higher play levels. I’m a little worried about his defense and am somewhat skeptical that he will be anything than a spot-up shooter this year.