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Mailbag 3/9

When do you declare “IT IS NOW SPRING”?!?

Crocuses bloom in the castle garden of Oldenburg Photo by Hauke-Christian Dittrich/picture alliance via Getty Images

When do you declare “IT IS NOW SPRING”?!?

High pollen levels?

End of Spring Training? (Hmmmm)

The Mastuhs Tunamint?

Return of Sundresses?


Erin go Bragh?

End of Finals?

Local brewer goes all Shandy? - DressHerInWhiteAndGold

Ben: Typically Spring Training would signify the beginning of the Spring for me, but uhhhhh....I guess the time is changing this weekend, so I guess it’s Spring?

Jake P.: When I begin to sneeze 20 times a this past week for me.

Carter: Generally it’s when I start looking at the calendar and planning on when I’m going where. So, we’re here!

Chris: Hello from Boston where it’s gonna snow tomorrow, spring is fake!

Drew: Hello from Chicago where it snowed yesterday, spring is fake!

Jake: When I was in Chicago, it wasn’t until the pool opened. May was always safely close to spring. Now that I am an Atlantan, it is the opening weekend for college baseball. It is almost always a gorgeous weekend. I saw my first Summer Shandy in stores in Atlanta in early February, which just feels wrong, though.

Logan: People start getting antsy about spring cleaning. That’s usually when I know its spring.

How do we prevent getting our hopes up again? As we start seeing spring football practice and hearing from coaches/players, I’m reminded of last year when we all started getting excited about the potential for the coming season. Obviously the tone of coverage has been very different this year, but I still worry that the more I hear, the more I’m going to fall back into the trap of getting my hopes up for this team. How can I make sure that I don’t get caught up in the marketing/positivity and remember that this year is probably going to be a failure, so as to avoid the feelings of disappointment I felt for much of last season? - pkaltman1

Ben: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting your hopes up. Personally, I have yet to see anything worth getting my hopes up. Granted, I also have heard very little at all. Everyone knows this year is do or die for Collins.

Jake P.: If you expect nothing, you will not be disappointed when you receive nothing.

Chris: Figure out what games you think we can win. Expect to win those. Be annoyed when we don’t. Forget about the ones we aren’t supposed to win.

Drew: Remember that most spring practice reports can be read both ways. A defensive lineman is looking great? Maybe the offensive line is just bad.

Remember that there’s little reason going into spring to believe that this team will be good. They weren’t good last year. They lost a lot of talent and their incoming classes aren’t world-beating talent. Maybe they’ll be good. I didn’t expect Arkansas to be good last year, but there’s no GOOD reason to believe it.

If you’re a fan that really enjoys the hope, then revel in it! I like the hope! I think Tech’s basketball team is going to turn it around every year. But if you prefer to be a downer and get surprised, then this year’s team is easy to be a downer about.

Jake: I am not excited for football, and I have no reason to be. I look forward to the tailgating and the experience, but not the game. Instead, might I interest you in volleyball. They will likely regress a bit closer to the norm compared to their past results, but, well, it certainly will be good bang for your buck.

Logan: I think it’s normal for a hardcore fan to get their hopes up, even if it is irrational. I would embrace getting your hopes up, you never know things might be better than you expect this year. If you don’t want to get your hopes up you should talk to a Jets fan to get some advice on the subject.

Carter: Don’t. Just don’t.

Deebo Coleman and Miles Kelly are going to be REALLY good. We’ve seen flashes from players like Smith and Maxwell when he went off for 22 against Boston College. Even Howard showed flashes towards the end of the season. Am I being naive in thinking there’s a blueprint in place? - Nononsense92

Drew: I think you’re a little naive. Kelly has looked really good for the last few games. But Howard and Coleman and Smith each had a few game stretch that looked really good followed by disappearing for a few games. Pastner’s big problem since coming to Tech is that he has had problems integrating new players quickly. Guys like Jose Alvarado and Moses Wright and Michael Devoe became very good players, but it took them a few years.

This season came in with two known entities (Devoe and Jordan Usher) and a lot of potential from unknowns. That extra production from the unknowns never came through. Coming into next season this team is only those unknowns without potential. It’s possible they could gel, but without seeing it first I don’t think I can believe it.

I will give a quick shoutout to Jalon Moore. In addition to the others mention I think he’s shown some potential in his limited time at the end of this year.

Jake: This is a scorching hot take, but I think that this team was honestly a bit weighed down by expectations and age this year. I think that the youngsters are super talented, and I think they can absolutely take a step forward next year. I think Moore is another name to throw in the ring there, but, otherwise, I agree with your assessment.

Logan: that the team has a blueprint? I don’t think that’s unreasonable. Now, as any engineer knows, what is drawn up for the design on a project doesn’t always matchup with the final construction and doesn’t always lead to the best possible results. I think there is reason to expect better play next year, but until we get there who knows.

Carter: Pastner has his signature blueprint. But my wife is an architect, so we’re both keenly aware of how things can deviate from their blueprints.

What’s the vibe like these days? - Notwima13

Ben: Well the world has gone to [Styx] and we don’t even have baseball to watch (don’t @ me about college baseball, it’s near impossible to watch because it isn’t available anywhere). So, I’m gonna go with not great.

Chris: The vibes are immaculate.

Jake: Ben, that is a bad baseball take. ACCN, SECN, and ESPN2/U have a few games every week, and any major cable/streaming package comes with ACCNX, SEC+, etc. Plus, softball is a great option, too. It has never been easier to access the game! Otherwise, I am facing a big month personally, to be honest.

Ben (again): Jake, I don’t have cable. I also don’t watch baseball generally anyway, so I’ll accept that I was misinformed on that. Thanks for clearing it up!

Logan: Despite the chaos in the world I choose to be optimistic. We may be at the bottom know, but that means we can only go up from here. I think that things will get better next season, also baseball looks good so I’m there are thing to be positive about now. Just try not to let things get you too down, focus on the positives and things will get better before you know it.

Hello Y’all

I was curious on what your thoughts were on the baseball season so far? We appear to have had some strange losses but in general the team seems to be doing well. Also, do we expect to see more tv coverage of college baseball since the MLB lockout will be keeping away the MLB coverage? That’s all I got.


Jim Bob McJimbobson (submitted via email)

Ben: You know, it would make sense that ESPN and other sports networks would start featuring college baseball—or even minor league baseball—in the absence of MLB, but they don’t and they won’t. And I don’t have a good reason for why.

Drew: I’m not a GT baseball expert, but I’ll put in my 2 cents. The team looks to be the same as usual, they can hit, but pitching is an issue. I will be watching more GT ball this year with the MLB lockout for sure.

Jake: Ben, see my above answer! If you have YouTube TV or most similar services, you can catch any home game of any ACC and SEC teams in the WatchESPN app, even if they aren’t on traditional channels. I think Tech has the same pitching issues as ever, but I also think we have the talent to hang with anyone. With COVID and small drafts, there is also more talent in the game than perhaps ever before, so I definitely look forward to seeing what the season brings, both to our team and others.

Logan: We’re currently 10-3 and haven’t lost a game at home. Losses are to Georgia Southern, uga (but we took 2 of 3 against a uga team which had a higher ranking than us so I’m ok with that), and Mercer (the only loss by a difference of less than 4 runs). Of the 13 games we’ve played we have only had 4 games where we scored less than 5 runs. Pitching has some soft spots, but generally the batting by our team have been good enough to cover for any problems with the pitching. I gotta feel pretty good about things right now; this could definitely change as we get into the ACC play, but I think baseball is on track to have another good season with us getting into the playoffs.

I would look into watching a few games if baseball is your thing. I hope there is more college coverage, but I don’t know how the cable deals work with all these companies. It would make sense for more college games to be on TV, and since Georgia Tech is a top team keep an eye out for potential games with us on some of the bigger networks in the future.

Carter: Baseball is looking like a lot of recent Danny Hall coached baseball teams. Lots of hitting, with pitching that’s good but not good enough to get to that next level. I haven’t been to a game in years but I plan on finally fixing that this season.