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Khalid Moore and Bubba Parham To Grad Transfer

Two Veteran Yellow Jackets Head to the Portal

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at Clemson Dawson Powers-USA TODAY Sports

This week two Georgia Tech basketball regulars announced that they will be transferring for their final season. Khalid Moore and Bubba Parham both decided to play elsewhere next year. Neither are huge surprises.

Khalid Moore is the bigger of the two transfers. He started 30 games this season and has been a regular for each of the past four seasons. He brought most of his value on the defensive end. He was athletic and long which led to him being a strong defender on the perimeter. Due to personnel limitations in the past two years, he was often asked to play up on defense and guard centers and larger forwards. He wasn’t really built for that, but he often performed admirably against bigger players although he didn’t provide much rim protection.

On offense he came in as a project and he leaves only somewhat improved. He played 24 minutes per game on a team that desperately needed offense and didn’t do much offensively. He only averaged 5.2 points per game on 40.9% shooting. He kept shooting threes over his final seasons, but never developed a reliable outside shot. He did best at getting scrap points.

I expect him to transfer to a mid-major school where he could play big minutes and his defense and versatility would be very valuable.

Bubba Parham also announced he is transferring. Parham played two very successful seasons at VMI before transferring to Tech and playing two seasons. He returned to Tech for his Covid year this year, but he got hurt before the season and missed nearly the entire thing (he played two games in early January before getting sidelined again). He would need to get a medical waiver to be eligible next season. Bubba was supposed to bring a serious offensive spark and dead-eye outside shooting to the Yellow Jackets. His actual production fell a bit short of that. He had his moments, but he never provided much more than the occasional offensive spark. His three point shooting was fine, but unremarkable. He never really found his place in Pastner’s offense. His size hurt him offensively, but was a bigger detriment on defense especially because he was often playing with also diminutive Jose Alvarado. In the end, he was a valuable player who did not live up to the fans’ hopes.

I expect Bubba to also transfer to a mid-major. He showed at VMI that he was capable of dominating at a low major and his defensive limitations can be covered for. Most mid-majors who could use an offensive spark and some shooting will probably be looking his way.