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Mailbag 3/2

What is your 7v7 flag football team using Tech players?

NCAA Football - Georgia Tech vs Virginia Tech - September 30, 2006 Photo by Kevin C. Cox/WireImage

I didn’t renew my football season tickets this year. I have been a season ticket holder since my first year at Tech in 2011 (minus 2020). It is not entirely due to the team’s performance. I haven’t went to a full season’s worth of games since my first kid was born in 2018. I have 2 kids now. Last year I went to 4 games. But I do know, if Tech were decent it would’ve been a more difficult decision, and if Tech were good I most likely would keep the tickets. But now I can just by tickets on Stubhub for whatever games I decide to go to and come out way cheaper than the $800 or whatever my 2 tickets were going to cost.

I guess this is more of a rant than a question. But I guess I was wondering if I was alone on here with this, or if anyone else here didn’t renew this season? I have a couple friends/coworkers who did not renew. - thebugman10

Ben: I didn’t have season tickets anyway, but I understand the desire to not renew or purchase season tickets this season. The program has not proven that it can field a unit worth paying to see. Personally, I’m still going to try and make the trip and see at least one game this season, but I will not judge anyone for not wanting to come see this team.

Jake: I thought about it long and hard, I won’t lie. However, with living as close as I do, having as many friends go as I do, and being still pretty fresh out of college and therefore relatively unencumbered, I leaned the other way. I don’t think you’re crazy, though - I completely get it.

Logan: I think the ticket deal has been overrated for a while. I get supporting my school, but the games we play can’t justify an expense of $425 (cheapest I could find for lower level seats, I ain’t gonna sit in nose bleeds for $300 which was cheapest I could find up there) on the season. They need to find a way to drop prices if they expect people to keep showing up. we have like 6 home games next year, which means your paying around $71 (70 and change for the sticklers) a ticket if you go to all those games not including food, gas, and parking. 2 of those games are against Duke and Western Carolina, so I can guarantee those won’t bee worth the price of admission (even if they are close). Yeah, I just don’t see the value.

Jake P.: You’re entirely justified in your decision. I’ve never been in a position to buy season tickets for any sport, but there are much better ways to spend $800 with your family.

Please to power rank Blue and Yellow

“Я стою з Україною”

(Translation) “I stand with Ukraine” - DressHerInWhiteAndGold

Jake: Blue goes on top of Yellow, but both are equally important.

Logan: Blue is over yellow. I looked into the history of the flag design (there’s a lot to it that I won’t go into), I like how the flag seems to represent the blue sky over the agriculture fields in the Ukraine. It’s a very pretty flag, I wish the best for the people of the country and hope they can continue to hold firm against this attack.

What is your 7v7 flag football team using Tech players? - ramblin gooner

Ben: You want length and speed, so for my 7, we are gonna go with Justin Thomas, who will serve as the QB for the team, as well as a defensive back. I’ll take Sean Bedford as an OL/DL. He’s a lawyer, a rocket scientist, and a color analyst, so I think he would excel in the role. For my receiving roles, I’ll take Darren Waller as my TE. On defense, he can also play a hybrid LB/pass rusher type of role. Give me Phillip Wheeler and Jahmyr Gibbs as my RB/LBs. Moving out to wide receiver, I’ll take Calvin Johnson and Demaryius Thomas.

Jake: Current or former? I still have nightmares of a 3 on 3 basketball team made out of 2016 season Tech kids demolishing my freshman dorm floor in the intramural championship, so I bet one could really make some frightening rec league teams in just about any sport. If we’re going all time, I would take Peter Pund as the center with Joe Hamilton at QB. For the five receivers/running backs/tight ends, I would take Calvin Johnson (WR), Demaryius Thomas (WR), Everett Strupper (RB), Joe Guyon (RB), and Bill Fincher (TE).

Logan: 7 on 7 is different because you have to account for defense and offense from the same team and pick players with higher maneuverability since tackling isn’t a hard requirement. my choices would be: Calvin Johnson (WR, because he should be on all the lists, fast, good coverage on defense, and is tall enough that pulling his flag may still be difficult for most people), Demaryius Thomas (WR, because he has the motivation and speed to be a great choice; may he rest in peace), Tashard Choice (RB, I think he can cut and make sharp moves to be a solid player and is capable of catching out of the backfield, getting in the way/blocking since blocking has different rules, and playing defense), Josh Nesbitt (QB, good passer and rusher which is a must, physical enough to play defense), Derrick Morgan (Line Backer, Must have on defense as a rusher, and not bad at coverage), Shaq Mason (O line, somebody has to snap the ball and get in the way of rushers, need at least 1 player for that), Harrison Butker (Kicker, because... I dunno it seemed like a good idea at the time).

Hey guys,

Been kind of busy. Hope y’all are doing well. Things are getting crazy out there so I hope everyone is doing there best to hang in there like those cute cat posters say to do. My question this week is what would you suggest to help people who are worried about the state of the world right now? I recommend taking a long bath and rewatching the Miracle on Techwood. That one always helps me feel better. Stay strong out there friends. Till next week...

Dominic Toretto (submitted from the void)

Ben: I don’t know about you, but I am tired of living in unprecedented times. My advice is to find an escape. For me, I use tabletop roleplaying games to let me exit into a fictional universe and ignore what is happening in the world. It is different for everyone, but I would say find someway to escape.

Logan: I’m a big fan of playing Gin Rummy with my significant other. We found out we both get upset if we play scrabble but we enjoy Gin. I like to watch YouTube videos of people playing scary games. for some reason I find it funny and easy to unwind to when I’m not playing them. Kind of silly but that’s what I find to be relaxing.

Jake P.: Personally, I read the news to unwind. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but I enjoy politics and policy too much to not read through my newsletters before going to sleep every night. I’m also fond of a Friday or Saturday night poker game.