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Mailbag 3/16

How are we feeling about the recent Braves moves?

Atlanta Braves World Series Parade Photo by Megan Varner/Getty Images

I know this doesn’t exactly have much to do with GT… But as Braves fans should we be worried about the Braves potentially not signing Freddie Freeman back this year? Especially following the team’s pickup of first baseman Matt Olson from the Athletics earlier this year. Thoughts? - Logan Sandor

Ben: I think in lieu of bringing back Freddie Freeman, trading for Matt Olson is easily the best move they could have made. He’s young, and he’s really good. With his extension also being announced, I think this is a great move. Obviously, it sucks for Braves fans because Freeman was such a centerpiece in Atlanta, but at least from a baseball perspective, I think this is a good move.

Jake: I’m not a real Braves fan, but signs point to yes, it doesn’t look likely.

Sammy: “He’s gone, gone. And nothing’s gunna bring him back.” I hope I’m wrong.

Carter: He gone.

Logan: Well me, here is the thing. Sometimes change is a good thing. I know many people wanted Freddie to retire in a Braves uniform, and are upset with management for not being willing to negotiate a contract; but Olson is a great player, younger than Freddie, who is in for the long haul. You may not be a fan of the move, but if you are a Braves fan you will eventually grow to love Olson.

Your Final 4? 2? 1? - DressHerInWhiteAndGold

Ben: Final 4 words: Better not screw this— Final 2 things in existence: cockroaches and twinkies Final 1 meal: A good lasagna sounds like it would hit the spot, but that will probably change on any given day. Oh wait, was this question about basketball?

Jake: Gonzaga / Baylor / Illinois / Kansas in the FTRS group. I think Illinois is either extremely overrated or extremely motivated after last year’s wasted potential. I also think Gonzaga eventually has to win one, right?

Sammy: Duke-Purdue, Tennessee-Kansas // Duke-Kansas // Duke

Carter: Bellarmine wasn’t allowed to participate, so I’m boycotting.

Logan: Final 4, Gonzaga v Purdue and Michigan v Auburn -> Gonzaga v Auburn -> Gonzaga. I have multiple brackets (because I am a cheater and a sore loser) but I feel that Gonzaga winning is the most likely outcome. Other potential winners (in my mind) would be Duke, Auburn, Kentucky, Saint Mary’s, Illinois, and Iowa. At the end of the day, it’s called March Madness for a reason.

Sweeping VPI was great, but having to come from behind in every game and in the last inning of games 1 and 3 less so. Can the cardiac Jackets continue to go undefeated at home? - Bill Brockman

Ben: I wish I could say yes, but the way they have been playing (coming from behind late in the games) is not sustainable, so they would have to lose some of that cardiac-ness.

Carter: You simply can’t predict baseball. But of all the sports I’d say it’s one of the most difficult to go undefeated at home, so I recommend against putting much stock into it.

Jake: It’s certainly possible, but, man, there are just so many home games. Not to be negative, but one figures they eventually lose at least one, right? That said, they can mash their way out of basically anything, it seems, so that does bode well considering they get last bats when they are at home.

Sammy: Undefeated anywhere in baseball is tough. We’ll have some tricky battles against good teams, so I doubt it.

Logan: We are not going to go the entire season undefeated at home. The odds of that happening in baseball are just too low with too many uncontrolled variables. That said, I wouldn’t expect many losses. Most of the pitching staff has found their confidence pitching at home and the batting has been on point since the start of the season. I think buying a home game ticket to baseball is the closest you can get to a guaranteed win for a GT sports program right now.

Is From The Rumble Seat going to get switched to Coral? So far, with experience over on Talking Chop/Battery Power, I’m not impressed. - Burdell91

Ben: Yes, SBN will be rolling out Coral sometime in the spring for the college sites. I understand that it is different and there are people who don’t like it, but I do ask that you try and give it a chance. As with anything, there will always be updates and opportunities to provide feedback, so take advantage of those.

Carter: They changed it, now it sucks!

Jake: I suppose I should toe the company line, but I honestly haven’t used the new system yet, and I would be devastated to lose any old comments. Most of them on my stories are just so insightful, particularly the great history context.

Logan: I know nothing about any of this. The site setup on TC/BP has been messing with my computer access of late which is not a great sign. I will hold on stating my opinion until full implementation begins. I think once people start getting used to it they’ll get over the change, expect an adjustment period though.

After GT’s Pro Day, how many Jackets do you see getting drafted or signed as UDFA? - Notwima13

Ben: I won’t even try to predict UDFA because that would be a total crapshoot, but after pro days, I could see up to three players getting drafted. The two that really stand out are Tariq Carpenter and Juanyeh Thomas. I think Thomas is probably the most pro-ready and will probably get selected a little later in the draft and serve as a back-up. Some team will take a chance on Carpenter’s athleticism and potential. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Carpenter go earlier than Thomas. The last guy I could see getting drafted is Devin Cochran. He has great size and great length. Some team will give him a shot, at the very least as a swing tackle. At the same time, I also would not be surprised to see Tech not have anyone drafted. I don’t think there is anyone that is a must-draft.

Sammy: I’ve seen Juanyeh on some mock drafts, and he’s definitely got the physical talent. I’m going one drafted, maybe two more as UDFA.

Logan: Umm... I’ll be the nay say-er. I wouldn’t expect any drafts from GT, there could be 2 UDFAs (could... more likely it will be one), but don’t expect them to stick on a pro team once the season starts.

Hey y’all.

So I need to make some money fast, because if I don’t the mob is gonna take my thumbs. If you’re going to bet on a low odds darkhorse in the NCAA tournament to try and make a bunch of money, who would you pick? Have a nice week,


Thumbless Tom

P.S. If not march madness I’ll take betting suggestions on any other sport as well. (submitted via email)

Ben: If you’ve got the time and money, you could always try flipping houses. That’s kind of like gambling. Though if you don’t have money, I guess that probably wouldn’t work. Well how about this, I know a guy who can help.

Carter: People told me South Dakota State is a good pick to go far? I’ll be honest, I’ve paid less attention to college basketball than in past years.

Jake: To win it all or to win a game or two? I like Vermont for a game, but to go deep, I feel like just about any seed from 1-4 has a reasonable enough shot with how deep the sport has been this season.

Drew: I like most of the 14 seeds to have a decent shot for an upset. Chattanooga seems the most likely.

Sammy: Virginia Tech might be getting hot at the right time.... Or you could take all your chips and put them on double-zero at the roulette table.

Logan: Virginia Tech, Loyola Chicago, and San Francisco are the 3 teams with the lowest odds to proceed to the next seed but the lowest spread in games. if you need an immediate bet that might be the way to go. If you need a long term team I would go Saint Mary’s as a dark horse, also UNC is currently showing odds of +10500 to win it all which isn’t bad. In all seriousness, if you have a gambling problem call a gambling help line at 1-800-522-4700.