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Mailbag 2/9

What are your favorite smells and scents?

International Coffee Day Photo by Alex Pena/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Do y’all have favorite smells/fragrances? - DressHerInWhiteAndGold

Ben: For me, I love the smell of freshly ground coffee and freshly cut grass.

Chris: Coffee. I love the taste of coffee and all, but the smell is absolutely top tier stuff.

Jake: Jet A. Feels like adventure and new things and excitement. Second favorite is a real hot dog shop, for obvious reasons. We are ALWAYS ON BRAND HERE. In terms of actually nice smelling things, probably bougainvillea or something like that. Honeysuckle? I don’t know.

Carter: Citrus.

Logan: I like the ocean breeze smell they sell at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Sammy: Coffee is hard to beat. Eucalyptus for the relaxation. BBQ because... well it’s BBQ.

Devoe is the minutes and points leader for GT, but he has the occasional dud like Clemson last week. How does Devoe’s variability compare to that of other team-leading guards? If it’s abnormal, then what in Devoe’s game explains the variability? - GTBuzzed

Jake: This is a weird theory, and doesn’t explain the Clemson thing — a game we still won — but I always thought he didn’t shoot as well on the road as at home, despite having no way to actually back that up. I thought it had something to do with the lighting, of which McCamish gets pretty dark pretty fast away from the court itself. Is this any more than a weird theory? No. In terms of his actual game, I think he puts a lot of pressure on himself sometimes, and sometimes that is just too much. Maybe not the most analytical of answers, but I think there are times when he has a lot of volume, even when he isn’t necessarily “on.”

Sammy: His shooting was off against Clemson, there’s no question about that, but it was clear to me that he did a better job recognizing that and not forcing anything. In the past, I think he’s felt like he’s had to do everything, and other guys are starting to step up. He only shot the ball 7 times, which means he only took a shot once every ~4.5 minutes that he played. He averages 14 shot attempts per game. Even when he isn’t shooting well, his leadership on the court is required and opposing teams still have to respect his ability to get hot. He did finish with 5 assists, which was only 1 assist short of Deivon’s game-high 6, so it’s not like he was completely useless.

Should we get our hope up about baseball or is consistently maintaining low expectations in all major GT sports the best risk mitigation strategy? - Yeller Bug

Ben: This is Georgia Tech, and we can’t have nice things. I would say hope for the best but don’t be surprised if you come away disappointed.

Jake: I’m inclined to agree with the latter, but against my gut find myself getting very excited for baseball. I just miss it, ya know? I feel like we had a fine year last year, but were also close to breaking through in a lot of ways, if certain things lined up right.

Logan: Baseball is always a hard call. I think we have enough talent hitting wise and in the field to be good, but injuries and pitching could always fall short. I’m excited and I am definitely gonna watch the early games, but don’t go in expecting us to win a championship or anything this year.

Sammy: Consistently maintaining low expectations in anything is the best risk mitigation strategy.

What do y’all think is the best uniform combination in Georgia Tech sports? What do you wish we would do less of in our uniforms? - Educational Engineer

Ben: This will likely come as a surprise to many of you, but navy blue IS a primary color for Georgia Tech. Anyway, I’m pretty traditional in liking the white jerseys and gold pants. I was also a fan of the one-off grey set, but I don’t think that’s something Tech should do consistently. The black jerseys felt like Tech hopped on that bandwagon 10 years too late. I tend to like the navy uniforms, though, as long as there is still enough gold to pop. At the end of the day, though, it doesn’t really matter what I like. Uniforms are just another means to recruit kids, so do something bold that they will like.

Jake: I think the best uniform combination in Tech sports has to be the Tech throwback cream tops for the baseball team paired with the block T hats. The gold softball jerseys with the script Jackets is probably the runner up. Both of these things base themselves in white or gold, but don’t shy away from using the deep navy to make the white and gold base pop. I think something we do too much of is letting a gray, navy, or blue thing (or, heaven forbid, the Black Watch uniforms) drive the base. All of these, but especially navy, could be successful as accents, but, as seen by the very good looking recent basketball Honoring Black Excellence uniforms, don’t need to drive the design. Letting white and gold drive the combination, but leaning into navy to make the script or accents pop is exactly what the baseball and softball jerseys do really well.

Logan: I like the old school uniforms with the dark gold top and white bottoms with the stripe down the side. I know some people feel the gold looks too mustardy, but I kind of like how sharp the color is and how it makes us look different from pretty much any other uniform in college football (at least the ones I can think of). Generally I prefer lighter colors with the gold, yellow, and white to some of the darker navy and army green uniforms. I have liked that Georgia Tech has tried mixing things up in the uniform department recently, but I would like to see us get back to a more traditional look every now and then.

Sammy: I know it’s up with the white and gold, but I love the blue... The baseball off-whites are incredible, and call me crazy, but I’m a big fan of the large GT faux-practice jersey look.

Alvarado! How’s Alvarado doing down there in NOLA? Skimmed some headline and saw a highlight reel – put a smile on my face. Also, any chance Wright ever makes a roster? Maybe we can sneak him back into some white and gold - HelluvaBuzz

Logan: I haven’t paid much attention to Alvarado, mostly because it’s hard to get news about NOLA Pelicans up here in North Carolina. For a bench player he seems to be putting up good stats and is definitely getting some positive feedback from teammates and other players in the league. I would like to see him do well and hopefully get a starting spot in the near future, but that might still be a few years away if it does happen.

Moses is currently putting up decent stats in the G-League under the Clippers banner. I don’t know much about the G-league and what players need to do to move up. Hopefully Moses keeps performing and will get chances in the NBA in the future. I love seeing our guys have success at the pro level.

Sammy: Moses will get his chance, but I feel like he’s got to continue working on his shot. He’s just not big enough to consistently compete with NBA 4’s and 5’s sans outside threat. And Jose?? Jose is a baller. And he can shoot...

Thoughts on Connelly’s Projections?

Connelly’s preseason SP+ projections are out. They are less than favorable for the Yellow Jackets.

Team Projected SP+ Offensive SP+ Rank Defensive SP+ Rank

Georgia 28.7 42.5 2 13.7 5

Clemson 21 32.1 41 11.1 1

Pittsburgh 16.2 37.3 15 21.1 31

Miami 14.6 35.5 24 20.9 29

Ole Miss 14.4 35.1 27 20.7 28

Florida St. 13.4 31.2 47 17.8 13

Central Florida 11 31.2 46 20.2 25

North Carolina 10.1 37.2 17 27.1 72

Virginia Tech 4.3 25.7 82 21.4 32

Virginia 3.3 38.6 7 35.3 116

Georgia Tech -4.7 27.8 69 32.5 108

Duke -13.7 22.4 103 36 118

That makes it look like we’re in for a two win season and not within a touchdown of anyone else on our schedule. To me that seems horrible, but realistic. Thoughts? - Phys99

Ben: I would generally see it as pretty realistic. Bill C has spent a lot of time refining his system, and even though it isn’t perfect, it is mostly pretty solid. I don’t know that it necessarily shows us anything we didn’t already know, though. We already knew that Tech wasn’t very good and that they would need to pull some unanticipated wins out of somewhere to show improvement.

Hello Murphy,

I hope you are doing well in business. filing the forms and such. talking at the watercooler. Doing all the business things that need doing.

Since we’re so into business and making the money, I wanted to ask what your opinion is on the current state of NIL and its impact on recruiting. We already saw how NIL deals impacted signing day. the LSU TE dancing with the head coach flipped to Alabama, reportedly because he got a $25,000 NIL deal. Also the whole controversy (I guess is the right word) about Jimbo downplaying the NIL impact on his recruiting business.

My question(s) are do you feel a separate coach or department needs to be generated for programs to better take advantage of NIL in assisting recruiting (i.e. finding ways to get players better deals for the NIL). Additionally, what avenues exist for a school like Tech to increase their recruiting through NIL. Many schools are helping their players through use of streaming to increase the personal revenue of players. Does a school like Georgia Tech have any advantage in their ability to take advantage of those types of business.

Best of luck on your business,

Mr. Business (submitted by email)

Ben: I think the only way NIL is really changing recruiting is by shining the light on what was already happening and making it not break the rules.

Jake: Based on some news recently — and I’ve admittedly been out of the loop due to pleasantly non-business related things this week — it sounds like our alumni have already taken it upon themselves, though perhaps I misunderstood the article I was reading. I think that all this NIL stuff, though, has been rather convoluted. It seems, too, that alumni or some specially connected folks, rather than companies themselves, are driving the boat.

Logan: NIL is definitely changing things for recruiting. But the more things change the more they stay the same. I expect that the larger programs with more connections and more boosters will continue to draw in the top recruits since they have more to offer. It would behoove GT to setup some NIL assistance for student. If we can up revenue from NIL it may attract more transfers and 3 star recruits who might be looking at other schools. GT has more versatility if they can be creative about how they approach the NIL situation, but right now I’m not sure if NIL is a big focus for the GT athletic department.

Sammy: I wrote about this in the fall last year, but NIL truly is the wild, wild, west. Jimbo basically said this is how things have always been done, in a way, but now the curtain has been pulled back. Think Wizard of Oz. Are these great recruiters actually great recruiters? Or do they just have more money/better financial connections in the community? In terms of Georgia Tech, it sounds like the Athletic Department can only be involved to a point, but is taking a very educational approach with its student-athletes. On its face, we’re in Atlanta, and I think one would be safe in assuming that a multitude of opportunities exist in the city to attract student-athletes to The Flats.