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FTRS Picks: Army v Navy

Surprise upsets galore

NCAA Football: Hawaii at Navy Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

results from last week

We had our first perfect week last week. I’m not really counting this week (given its 1 of 1) so it should be our only one of the entire season. Congratulations to NMBigfoot02 who went a perfect 10 for 10 last week. A feat no one else has been able to accomplish all year, seriously good on you.

Last week was a rough one for everyone at the top... except Cliff Clavin who seems to keep winning these things. So, with that said, our standings at the top are:

1st place Cliff Clavin who had 6 correct picks last week to sit at 91 correct picks out of 172 (52.91%)

2nd place BuzzForPresident who stumbled last week with only 3 correct picks but still managed 90 correct picks on the season (52.33%)

3rd place is @LeeNobody who, despite also getting 6 correct picks last week, could not catch Cliff and the Buzz’s campaign manager. @LeeNobody still ended the season with 89 correct picks on the season (51.74%) and sole control of 3rd place.

This week only has one game to pick, so things might shift slightly (there is a tie at the 4 spot 1 point below @LeeNobody) but the top 3 will stay at the top.

NCAA Football: Army vs Navy Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t really have much to say this week. Y’all know what its about.

NCAA Football: Army vs Navy Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

I think even for some college football fans Army v Navy can be honored for being a fantastic tradition, while also sometimes ignored because its not viewed as a game between top teams. Personally, having gone to this game in the past, the pageantry and atmosphere here is unlike any other. I’m a big fan of this game and all the things entails for the students, the alumni, those currently serving overseas, the nation as a whole... just a lot of things with this game.

I highly recommend you watch the game if you have the time, its the last CFB game before the bowls and its one of the best (if not flat out the best) rivalries in College Sports. Whatever y’all end up doing this weekend have a good time out there.


Played at Lincoln Financial Field Philadelphia, PA: Army Black Knights v Navy Midshipmen (EVEN)

Logan: Even if I had to go purely off uniform this would be a tough pick. I really like the space uniforms from Navy, but those 1st armor division outfits from Army are pretty slick. Uniforms aside, both teams are pretty similar statistically. I could really go either way on this one, which might be why Vegas currently has the game listed as EVEN. I will side with Navy this year because they have been good on defense against the run. Given the offense that both teams will be utilizing I think Navy will be more successful on defense so I expect Navy to eventually walk away with the win.