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FTRS Picks Week 11: Who has the ball?

Its never who you think

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

results from last week

There was a ties last week with four people correctly picking 8 game, congrats to kjjrb555, Swgawrych89, @LeeNobody, and dakota bull.

aknartrebna is still on top this week, but there is now a tie below him with @LeeNobody, Professor, and BuzzForPresident each being one pick behind the leader.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

GT finally got the offense going right at the end of the game last week. It also helped that the Yellow Jacket Defense learned how to do some magic tricks. The football kept magically disappearing from the VT offense and ending up with the GT defenders. I hope the guys don’t let this win go to their heads too much, but it was a crazy win to be sure.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Texas Christian Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports

TCU decided they would prefer to win comfortably last week. They are one of the last remaining undefeated teams in the country along side Michigan, Ohio State, and some team in the SEC east. TCU still has a ways to go, but this year could be their chance to finally break the playoff seal.

NCAA Football: Tulane at Tulsa Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

Tulane and UCF are on a collision course in the American. Winner this upcoming week will be the front runner for the conference and likely the only group of 5 team to be in a New Year 6 bowl.

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Are we watching the end of a dynasty right now? Probably not, but Alabama is not doing great following their second loss on the season. They now join Clemson as another top team from last week which will be unlikely to make the playoff this year. To be fair, I give Bama more of a chance to make the playoff if some chaos is to take place.

Last week left plenty of chaos in its wake, and I can’t wait to see how things will continue to shake out down the stretch.

picks for this week:

Miami Hurricanes @ Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (-1.5)

Logan: I already sort of touched on how last week’s game was amazing in the same way that keeping a sinking ship afloat long enough to crash it onto the shoreline is amazing. Apparently Virginia Tech giving away the game has earned us the benefit of being favored against the Miami Hurricanes. Miami joins the Pitt Panthers as having been pushed off a steep cliff made of their pre-season expectations. I’m gonna pick Tech, because you know what site you’re on right now, but being favored in any game just makes me feel uncomfortable so I don’t feel great about it. Winning games again has really been messing my head.

Logan’s pick: Yellow Jackets

Wisconsin Badgers @ Iowa Hawkeyes (-1.0)

Logan: The Big 10 West has become a total mess because Illinois decided to lose to Michigan State of all teams. So all of a sudden 4 different teams have opportunities to win the BIG 10 West (not that it matters much since they’ll just lose in the championship game, but it is fascinating). So this game is important to both Wisconsin and Iowa because they can now stumble their way into the save the season button if they keep winning and Illinois keeps losing. Between the two teams I have more faith in Wisconsin since their offense and defense has been more consistent, but Iowa has pulled some great wins with all those hospital children watching. Tough call. I’m going to go against my own logic and say that the Iowa defense will find some way to pull off a ridiculous win at home. I don’t feel great about it, but Iowa finding a way to make the BIG 10 championship would match the general chaos of the year.

Logan’s pick: Iowa I guess

Purdue Boilermakers @ #16 Illinois Fighting Illini (-6.5)

Logan: So I said all those things in the previous pick to drum up hype, but the Illini can still shut the whole thing down if they find a way to win 2 of their last 3 games. It has to start here as after Purdue Michigan will be lying in wait for this Illinois team. Illinois struggled last week due to having multiple badly timed turnovers and struggling to convert on 3rd and 4th down (kind of reminds me of another game last week). I don’t expect Illinois to fall apart like they did last week and Purdue has been struggling down the stretch with injuries on their O-line hampering the offense. I will take the Illini in this one to cover and we shall see if they can stay afloat at the top of the conference.

Logan’s pick: Illinois

#10 LSU Tigers (-3) @ Arkansas Razorbacks

Logan: Weird how LSU can come off of beathing one of the top teams in the country and then only be a 3 point favorite against Arkansas. I guess that goes to show how much of a difference playing at night in Baton Rouge makes for the Tigers. LSU should win this one unless they are letting the high of beating Bama go to their head. Both offenses are on talented, but with a better defense I expect LSU to take this one and clinch the SEC West (assuming another game this week goes how we expect).

Logan’s pick: LSU

#25 UCF Knights @ #19 Tulane Green Wave (-2.0)

Logan: Oh boy, this should be a fun one. I know its not on everyone’s radar but I love these American matchups between top teams because they tend to be close and they tend to be offensive showcases. Also, it means a lot to both of these teams despite them both having no chance at the playoffs. As I said earlier the American teams are usually known for their strong offenses, but UCF and Tulane have both hung their hats on solid defenses this year. Of the two defenses, Tulane is better statistically and Tulane is at home. I think this one will go Tulane’s way, and given the spread they are the team I need to go with.

Logan’s pick: Tulane

Washington Huskies @ #8 Oregon Ducks (-12.5)

Logan: Oregon now has a clear path to make it to the playoffs, just keep winning. Thanks Clemson! The fact that Oregon only has to keep winning is exactly the reason why I am going to pick against them. It just looks too good right now, and we’ve seen how that worked out for Tennessee and Clemson. I’m gonna go with Washington with no logic behind my pick at all.

Logan’s pick: Washington

#17 North Carolina Tarheels @ #21 Wake Forest Demon Deacons (-3.5)

Logan: Poor Wake Forest has hit a bit of a stumbling block after playing Louisville. I don’t want to say UNC will win given that we will need to face them next week, but the Deacs have really struggled on defense, and that is not good against a team like North Carolina. I guess I have to take UNC here.

Logan’s pick: UNC

Louisville Cardinals @ #4 (#4? That’s what ESPN had next to this game when I wrote this on Monday) Clemson Tigers (-7.0)

Logan: Clemson didn’t just lose to Notre Dame last week, they got gobsmacked. That’s the kind of loss that makes people question why you were ever in the top 10 to begin with. So with that in mind, does Louisville have a chance to pull the upset against Clemson at Death Valley? I’m still gonna go with no. Give me Clemson.

Logan’s pick: Clemson

Mizzou Tigers @ #1 (not anymore) Tennessee Volunteers (-21.0)

Logan: Speaking of orange teams who got their butts kicked, Tennessee gets to go home and lick their wounds in what should be an easy matchup against Mizzou. Mizzou doesn’t have much of an offense to speak of, but their defense has been keeping them in games... even if the Tigers do eventually lose those games. This goes one of 2 ways: Either Tennessee shallacks the Tigers in retribution for the loss to uga, or Mizzou loses a closer game than the experts expected. I’ll take Mizzou, because why not.

Logan’s pick: Mizzou covers

#6 Alabama Crimson Tide (-11.5) @ #11 Ole Miss Rebels

Logan: Alabama lost and so this is the part of the year where all the Bama fans start whining about how the dynasty is over and they’ll never be as great at football as they were a few years ago. Well don’t worry, the Tide are going to Wallop Ole Miss this week and then any Bama fans should be satiated until the Iron Bowl. Bama is the better team and Oxford in the afternoon is not Baton Rouge at night, Bama wins this game by a bunch.

Logan’s pick: Bama

#7 TCU Horned Frogs @ #24 Texas Longhorns (-7.0)

Logan: is Texas back? No. TCU wins. I could elaborate, but I won’t give Texas fans the satisfaction of even discussing their team.

Logan’s pick: TCU