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FTRS Picks Week 9: Happy Halloween

Lets get our mascot on.

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results from last week

Week 8 was kind of a mess. The past few weeks we have had large ties at the top, but this week we only had 2 standouts with 8 correct picks on the week. Congratulations to oldyeller and BuzzForPresident who were the top pickers last week.

aknartrebna has officially taken the top spot with 53 correct picks on the year. Plenty of pickers are close behind and the season still has a way to go. We shall see how things play out.

I believe there have been some issues with usernames, if for some reason you see an issue with missing weeks in our spreadsheet possibly due to an issue with your username let me know and I will try to make sure any issues are addressed.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions David Reginek-USA TODAY Sports

Halloween is this week and that means it is time for one of my favorite but also most idiotic picking methods. This week we pick by mascots to make a determination on how things will play out. Perhaps not the best method to decide who wins a football game, but that’s never stopped me from making picks before.

picks for this week:

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets @ Florida State Seminoles (-20.0)

Logan: This one might get me in some trouble... So a swarm of yellow jackets going against a group of Seminole warriors. I guess my thought here is that the Seminoles would be hampered by the wasps, but would eventually find a way to win. I mean wasps are nasty and can really ruin your day, but some fire arrows will eventually get rid of the problem. I’m gonna say GT covers but the Seminoles eventually win.

Logan’s pick: Yellow Jackets cover

#2 Ohio State Buckeyes (-14.5) @ #13 Penn State Nittany Lions

Logan: This one is weird to me because I’m not super clear on what either of these items are. We have a nut, versus what appears to be some kind of teddy bear looking lion creature. If I’m going with Brutus himself against the fluffy lion I guess I would go with Brutus, but if I’m dealing with the nut I have to go with Penn State. I dunno, lets say Penn State slips on the nut when they walk in the room and knock themselves out. Give me Ohio State.

Logan’s pick: Some kind of Nut

Notre Dame Fighting Irish @ #16 Syracuse Orange (-2.0)

Logan: In the past we decided that Notre Dame is represented by a Leprechaun. So we have a Leprechaun versus an Orange. Sorry Syracuse, even if I got with the color orange instead of the fruit the color orange is in the Irish flag so Notre Dame still has the leg up. Notre Dame should take this one pretty easy.

Logan’s pick: Ireland as a whole

Florida Gators v that team in athens (-22.5)

Logan: The world’s largest outdoor cocktail party. An alligator, a evolutionary killing machine from the prehistoric age, versus a bulldog, a dog which has been genetically mutated to be cute to the point that it can barely breath properly. Gators have to at least cover right? I guess that’s what I’m rolling with.

Logan’s pick: Gators

#9 Oklahoma State Cowboys @ #22 Kansas State Wildcats (1.0)

Logan: This is a pretty clear cut case. Usually you can assume, “Any mascot with a gun is gonna beat any mascot without a gun”. This is amplified by the fact that Cowboy’s jobs are to protect cattle from predators and rustlers. One of those predators would be a wild cat. Unless the Cowboys are slacking off they should have this one.

Logan’s pick: Cowboys

#20 Cincinnati Bear Cats (-1.0) @ UCF Knights

Logan: another clear cut scenario here. you have a knight clad in armor going against something that is half bear and half cat. I won’t write off the bearcats, if they find a way inside the knight armor then there is a good chance the bear cats can win. In fact, I’m not clear on how slow wearing armor makes you, but it may be a struggle for the knight to kill the bear cat if it moves fast enough. I’m kind of talking myself into this now. Give me the Bear Cats.

Logan’s pick: Bear Cats

Pittsburgh Panthers @ #21 North Carolina Tar Heels (-3.0)

Logan: North Carolina’s mascot is also a Ram. For arguments sake lets say a panther is on the prowl in the middle of the night and then all of a sudden it gets run over by a Dodge Ram pickup truck. I guess there’s a reason they’re called Dodges. Give me UNC.

Logan’s pick: Ram Truck

#10 Wake Forest Demon Deacons (-5.0) @ Louisville Cardinals

Logan: So you have a deacon, who also happens to be a demon and is known to ride a sick motorcycle versus a bunch of small red birds. I’ll take the demonic entity over the birds every time.

Logan’s pick: Demon Deacon

North Texas Mean Green @ Western Kentucky Hill Toppers (-10.0)

Logan: Western Kentucky has one of the weirdest mascots in college football.

NCAA Football: Boca Raton Bowl-Appalachian State at Western Kentucky Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

What even is this thing? Is this what is at the top of every hill? Is this why I never took up hiking, because once I get to the top of something I have to fight one of these things? Anyway, this game is that red thing against the color green and the color green is very angry and rude. Give me Western Kentucky I guess.

Logan’s pick: Whatever that red thing is

Missouri Tigers @ #25 South Carolina Gamecocks (-6.0)

Logan: I always love the South Carolina mascot. It’s a fighting rooster, you know the fanbase makes use of the term as much as possible. Anyway, these roosters are staring down a tiger. I gotta go with the tiger, I just struggle to see how the rooster takes down a full grown tiger. It could go for the eyes I suppose… I just don’t see it.

Logan’s pick: Tigers

#19 Kentucky Wildcats @ #3 Tennessee Volunteers (-14.0)

Logan: To make things more even I am going with Smokey as the Tennessee mascot. So you have a blue tick hound versus a wildcat. I hate to keep disrespecting wildcats but a blue tick hound is a hunting breed used to track and hunt animals like racoons. I gotta think a hound like that could take down most wild cats until you get into mountain lion territory. Since the Wildcats do not specify the size, I’m going with Tennessee.

Logan’s pick: Blue Tick Hounds